Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just One (Glittering) Bite.......

Too early for Halloween?  I sure hope not!  Honestly, this apple was inspired by Snow White.  I have been thinking about making something to honor that story for a long time.  Since I decided to make an elegant apple for the first day of school, which you can see here, I thought I would make and post this at the same time. 
Here are the simple instructions:
One Plastic Apple
Spray Adhesive
Assorted Gemstones.  I used purples, green, black and orange gems and light greenish pearls.
Silhouette Machine, or some other way to cut letters
Xyron X Machine with Permanent Adhesive
Art Institute Designer Dries Clear Glue
Ultrafine Metal Tip for Glue
Art Glitter Microfine 519 Reed
Art Glitter Microfine 507 Black Wing
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 256 Purple Passion
Art Glitter Ultrafine Pearlescent 309 Canary
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque Neon 223 Fishnet

1)  Spray apple with adhesive
2)  Cover with Reed glitter.  I did not get mine perfect, which was fine, because it was a Halloween project.

3)  Cut out phrase from Cardstock.  I used my Silhouette, the Bradley Gratis font and the phrase "Just One Bite"
4)  Place the letters into the X upside down.  The adhesive will be on the top of the letters.
5)  Put letters into the Black Wing Glitter and press down hard.  Use the Designer Dries Clear to touch up any areas that you might have missed.  Let dry.
6)  Put letters face up into the X to get adhesive on the back.
7)  Make a "label" area on the apple where you might want the words and glitter with Canary.  Let dry.
8)  Adhere the letters in place.
9)  Adhere gemstones around the apple in no particular pattern. 
10) Starting with the top of the apple, surround some of the gemstones with Designer Dries Clear and the fine tip.  Expand the sections of glue until they look like drips.  This is freehand and should look a little messy.  Cover with Canary.  Let dry.
11)  Repeat step 10 a little further down, but use Purple Passion.  Also, use Purple Passion around the "label" section.  Let dry.
12)  Repeat step 10 a little further down with Fishnet.  Let dry.

13) Brush off any excess glitter.  You are done!
Here are a couple more pictures:

So, whether you want a head start on Halloween, or just really like Snow White, I am glad you came by the blog today.  Don't forget to check out the Art Glitter Blog, too.  It has another of my apples.  Sparkle On!