Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting Inky With Stencils

Welcome to September!  Can you believe it?  September already!  Well, it is time for a new month and time for a new theme--"Getting Inky With Stencils".  You will want to be sure and look at ALL the blogs this week for inspiration (they are all listed on my sidebar), because this is really a wide open category.  Is it pigment ink?  Spray ink?  Distress Ink?  Well, if you follow me, and know my style, you understand that for me, the favorite must be alcohol ink.  Yep, a metal project.  In fact, this week I am posting a FIVE MINUTE PROJECT.  No, really.  Let me show you.
Dreamweaver Tree Line Stencil LG 745
Mercart USA Copper Coated Aluminum
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Die Cut Machine (I used the Cuttlebug)
Alcohol Inks (for this one I used Tim Holtz Butterscotch, Espresso, Terra Cotta and Pesto)
Alcohol Ink Applicator
Sanding Block

1)  Run the stencil and metal through the machine.  With the Cuttlebug, the "sandwich" looks like this: A Plate, Stencil face up, metal--copper side up, rubber mat, and 2 "B" Plates.  In this case, I am debossing, or pushing the metal into the holes in the stencil.
2)  With the stencil still attached, use the alcohol ink applicator to apply alcohol inks to the whole thing.  You are just applying a very light coat to mottle the copper color and add more interest.  You don't want to get too involved and erase the copper underneath. 
3)  With the stencil still attached, sand lightly to remove the color on the raised sections.  Even then, feel free to leave a little copper, like I did in the trees.
4)  Remove the stencil and assemble the card.
Done!  Really--this was five minutes.  Try it for yourself.  Then, link it or email it to Dreamweaver Stencils, and you can win the stencil of YOUR choice.  (I could definitely recommend this tree line, because it is one of my favorites--as is the holly or poinsettia, if you want a Christmas stencil--just saying.)
Here is the official word from Lynell:
"This month we will have just a bit different twist on our monthly challenge ... we are letting you choose any stencil you would like as your prize if you win. Yep, any Dreamweaver stencil you "so desire". We will still have two winners, one for best interpretation of the challenge and one for best usage of Dreamweaver products."
So, go ahead--get inky with your stencil.  You know you want to......


  1. MAster of MEtal you have done it again. This card is fabulous I love the way these trees came out.

  2. whoa...this makes you stop and look twice! Beautiful idea Laura and beautifully rendered!

  3. This is gorgeous! I just got this stencil, and I love using metal so I'll be trying this. I have two questions about first direction. I think you have a typo that might confuse people. Do you mean 2 "B" plates, not 2 "A" plates? Also if the stencil is face up (engraved words facing up), won't the words engrave on the metal?

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful card; I hope you don't mind if I CASE it.

  4. Hey, Daria! Thanks for the comment. Yes, you are right, it is two "B" plates! Sorry for the typo. I will fix that. If you want to CASE this, feel free! This is the PERFECT project to CASE because it is super easy. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Great fall card, and would be a fabulous masculine card as well!

  6. I really love the metal. Cool technique...another one to add to the list!!! LOL.