Friday, July 22, 2016

Tando Creative Blog Hop--and Now, a Little Christmas Fun

Welcome to the final day of the Mixed Media Blog Hop with Stampendous and Tando Creative! This is the last day for this fun collaboration, and there are tons of blogs to visit, so I will make my info as short and sweet as possible.  Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the prizes.

To be eligible, leave a comment and where you live on the Stampendous blog, Tando Creative blog and each designer's blog. Every comment is an entry to win one of THREE terrific prize packages. This is open to commenters with either a US or UK mailing address.
My post today is a little Christmas project.  Here it is:

I used the Tando Creative Mini Printer Tray, Penguins Stencil, Three Deer Stencil, Small Chickadees Stencil, Snowflake StencilRegular Embossing Paste, Matte Black Embossing Paste, Build a Wreath Die Set, Santa Words Rubber Stamp, Holly Background Rubber Stamp, Opaque White Embossing Powder, Winter Wonderland Sparkly Embossing Powder and Micro Glitter in Red and Silver.  I also used some Deco Art Fluid Acrylics in Silver and Graphic 45 paper.  I pasted quite a bit and used the layers of the chipboard to place layers in the project.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tando Creative Blog Hop--a Halloween Project

Welcome to the Stampendous and Tando Creative Mixed Media Blog Hop.  This collaboration is really taking me out of my proverbial "box" with the chance to try something really different.  Today, I am using the Triple Arch Layered Frame by Tando Creative.  Who is Tando Creative?  They are a UK based company that sells various interesting chipboard products, Andy Skinner stamps, Nathalie Kalbach stamps and Stampendous Essential Kits.  But, I get way ahead of myself.  What everyone REALLY wants to know is, "Are there prizes?"  Why, yes there are!

To be eligible, leave a comment and where you live on the Stampendous blog, Tando Creative blog and the designers blogs. Each comment is an entry to win one of THREE terrific prize packages. This is open to all commenters with either a US or UK mailing address.
Each prize package includes a Tando Creative Mini Heart Printer Tray plus Stampendous NK Studio Fiesta Stamp Set.

Now that we know what the prizes are, it is back to my post.  My project today is Halloween themed, and was wickedly fun to make.  Here it is:
I used the Triple Arch Layered Frame, the Haunted Mansion Rubber Stamp,  Owl on Oak Stencil, Long Pumpkins Stencil, Regular Embossing Paste, and some Graphic 45 Rare Oddities paper.  All the coloring was done with the humble 24 pack of Crayola Crayons.  The distressing was done with Deco Art Media Fluid Acrylics in Carbon Black.  The picture on the right shows a little more detail on the Haunted Mansion stamped image.  It was colored first with crayons and then wrinkled and painted over with the black paint.  I removed the paint with a damp cloth.

 The owl was pasted on brown paper.  When the paste was COMPLETELY dry, I colored over it.  Yes, with crayons, believe it or not.  I did a couple of layers just to be sure it was thick. Then, I painted over it with the black paint and wiped of the excess with a damp cloth.

The pumkins were made by running white card stock through a manual die cut machine with the stencil that was sprayed on the back with Burlap Glimmer Mists.  Then, they were colored with crayons, and distressed in the same manner as the other two parts.  All the rest of the project was fancy cutting and gluing on various layers of the frame to create depth.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

'Tis the Season Snowflake Card

This week, the Stampendous team is having a catalog sneak peek.  We are featuring projects from this July catalog, which includes holiday items.  I guess that means I am doing "Christmas in July".  During the hottest days so far here in Michigan, I am featuring snowflakes.  Here you go:

Here is how it was made:


Snowflake Cascade Metal Stencil  FMS4042
Joys of Winter Rubber Stamp RS-L269
Fitted Frames A DCP1005
Glossy White Embossing Paste DWDGWP
Dreamweaver Palette Knife DWDPK
Paste Spreader DWLM2010
Stampendous Crystal Glitter
Versafine Ink in Majestic
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used a Cuttlebug)
My Colors Card Stock in Winter Lake, Oceanside and Smooth White
Removable Tape
Zip Dry
3D Foam Squares

1)  Tape the stencil down on the back (smooth side) of the card stock with the removable tape.  Be sure to tape all the way around the stencil.  The first piece of tape should go all the way across the top.  It will act as a hinge.
2)  Use the palette knife to remove paste from the jar and place across the bottom of one side of the paste spreader.
3)  Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil, paste side towards you.
4)  Pull the paste spreader towards you, maintaining contact with the stencil at all times.  It will act as a squeegee, despositing paste in the wells of the stencil.
5)  Remove the excess paste from the spreader using the palette knife and replace into the paste container.
6)  Remove the tape from the three sides of the stencil, leaving the first piece attached.
7)  Using the remaining piece of tape as a hinge, gently lift the stencil from the cardstock and then remove completely.
8)  Sprinkle the wet paste with the glitter and let dry completely.
9)  Stamp the sentiment on white card stock.
10)  Use the frames and the die cut machine to cut the image and its mat.  To get the placement just right, you can use a small piece of the removeable tape across the frame and card stock before you put it into the die cut machine.
11)  When the paste is dry, brush off the excess glitter and add rhinestones.
12)  Assemble the image, using Zip Dry or whatever adhesive you prefer.  You can use the 3D Foam Squares to pop up the sentiment.

Thank you for visiting on this Christmas Preview day.  You will DEFINITELY want to check out all the posts today for a little preview of what is to come.  Here are the links:

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July-- A Red, White and Blue Birthday

Happy Birthday, America!
Today is July 4th, Independence Day.  It's America's birthday, and the Stampendous team is celebrating.  Here is my post for today:

Red, White and Blue Birthday
Stazon Jet Black Ink
Watercolors in Red and Blue
Removable Tape
Watercolor Paper (your preference, but nothing with too much texture)
Zip Dry
Paper Towel
My Colors Card Stock in Oceanside
1)    Fold a piece of 6 ¼” by 9” card stock so that the fold is on the top.
2)     Tape the three stars stencil face up on the watercolor paper.   Make sure that you have extra watercolor paper outside the edges of the stencil.
3)    Press the Versamark Pad over the stencil.  Pay special attention to the small holes.
4)    Remove the stencil
5)    Cover the project with clear embossing powder and shake it upside down several times to make sure that any excess powder is gone.  The move texture you have, the more likely you are to have extra powder.
6)    Look at the top of the card before you heat it.  Use the brush to flick away any stray powder.
7)    Heat set the embossing powder.
8)    Use the Versamark Pen to do any touch ups that you feel necessary.  Just color in the section, cover with powder and heat.
9)    Use the paintbrush and the watercolor to color the image.
10)                     Pat excess watercolor off of the white areas with a damp paper towel.
11)                     Trim the image.  Keep the extra colored watercolor paper.
12)                     Use the acrylic handle to stamp the expression on some of the extra colored watercolor paper.  Stamp with Stayzon.

13)                     Trim image, mat with Oceanside card stock, and assemble.

Thank you so much for celebrating America's Birthday with me today.  If you enjoyed my post, feel free to leave a comment.  I love reading comments.  Also, go check out the other posts for today  :

Have a great Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Florals and Foliage Week- -Hibiscus Bag

This week at Stampendous, the theme is Florals and Foliage.  Our fearless leader, Laura Weed says that flowers are always appropriate, and I couldn't agree more!  This week, I chose to do something a little different with my floral stencil.  Here is my little decorated bag.


Small Stencil Brushes (The more the better, so you don’t have to keep cleaning them)
Removable Tape
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Matte Crimson Red, Christmas Red Metallic, Matte Tropical Green, Velveteen Green, Sunshine Yellow Matte, and Chocolate Matte
Cloth Bag (I bought mine for $1 at Target)
Paper Towels
Scrap Cardboard, at least the size of the bag
Scissors for the cardboard

1) Cut the cardboard to fit inside the bag.  It needs to be large enough to keep the entire front of the bag flat.  It will be almost the full size of the bag.

2) Slide the cardboard into the bag.

3) Tape the stencil on the bag, using tape across the top and the bottom of the stencil to hold it in place. 

4) Paint the image with the following process:  For each color, load it on the stencil brush, tap off the excess paint on the paper towel and gently tap the color over the stencil.  Start with the yellow portions of the hibiscus.  Be sure to layer the colors for more interest.

5) After you have painted the entire main image, load the brush with just a little brown paint and tap off the excess.  Brush from the stencil outward to create the brown border.  Start with the exposed areas on both edges.  Then, remove the top tape and hold the stencil down gently, painting off of the stencil.  Remove the bottom tape and hold the stencil down gently as you paint off the bottom.

 6)  Remove the stencil and let dry.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my little bag.  Here are the rest of the posts for today.....check them out!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Seaside Summer Fun With a Faux Coral Necklace

Friday, June 24


Stazon Jet Black Ink
Prismacolor Pencils in Carmine Red, Scarlet Lake, Tuscan Red and Poppy Red
Black Sharpie
Chipboard (I upcycled a cereal box)
Manual Die Cut Machine
White Glue—I used Tombow MONO Adhesive
Small Hole Punch
2 Large Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers
Blue Hemp
Assorted Beads and Pearls


1) Place the coral stamp on the acrylic handle and stamp on white mixed media paper using the Stazon.

2)  Cut the image out, using the manual die cut machine and the coral die.

3) Using the coral die, cut an additional piece from the mixed media paper and 3 pieces from the chipboard.

4) Color the stamped image, making lots of layers and variations in colors.

5)  Use the small hole punch to create holes on both sides of one of the chipboard pieces.  If the holes turn out in the right place, you will use this as a template.  Otherwise, punch a different piece to create the template.

6) Using the punched chipboard, punch holes in the same place on all the pieces.

7)  Use the black sharpie to color the edges of all of the pieces.

8) Line up the pieces and glue them together.

9) Use the Versamark Pen on the edges of the piece. 

10) Cover the edges with black embossing powder and heat emboss.

11) Cover the top of the piece with ink by tapping it on the Versamark Ink Pad. 

12) Cover piece with clear embossing powder and heat emboss.

13)  Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you love the coral piece.

14) Place the jump rings into the holes.  You will use the pliers to open and close the rings by twisting them sideways.  Do not open them by pulling them apart at the cut.

15) Tie the middle of a very long string of hemp around a jump ring.  You will need at least 3 times the length you want it to end up.

16) Lay the coral high up on the table facing you. 

17) Lay one string on a table straight down towards you. 

18)  With the other string, create a triangle whose tail crosses the other string.  It should look like the number 4.

19) Pull the tail of the 4 under the first string and through the triangle.  Pull tight.

20) Repeat steps 17-19, adding a bead on the main string whenever you think it looks appropriate.

21) When the finished cord reaches about half of the total length you would like, tie on the clasp with both strings. 

22) Cut off the extra hemp.

23) Repeat steps 17-22 with the other side.

I hope you have enjoyed this Summer Seaside Fun Week.  Thanks for stopping in.  These are the other links for today:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seaside Summer Fun -- The Oi Oi Fish

The folks at Stampendous are having a Seaside Summer Fun week,  My post for today features a little undersea summer fun.  I used part of the Waves and Dots Stencil to look like seaweed and bubbles.

Here is how I made it.

Copic Markers in B97 Night Blue, Y13 Lemon Yellow, Y17 Golden Yellow, 100 Black, N7 Neutral Gray No. 7, W8 Warm Gray No. 8, N10 Neutral Gray No. 10
Chamelon Marker in BL6 Royal Blue
Spectrum Markers in DG2 and DG3
Removable Tape
Zip Dry
Scrapbook Adhesives White Foam Squares
My Colors Card Stock in Poolside, Tropical Splash and Grasshopper
May Arts Ribbon
Manual Die Cut Machine

1)    Fold a piece of 6 3/8” by 9 ½ ” card stock so that the fold is on the side.
2)    Use the manual die cut machine and the fitted frames to cut a large frame from the tropical splash card stock.
3)     Tape the fish stencil face up on the cut out frame. Use one large piece across the top of the stencil initially.  It will be a hinge later.  Tape all the way around.
4)    Remove the Pearlescent embossing paste from the container with the palette knife and place on the paste spreader.
5)    Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil and pull down towards you, filling the holes and keeping contact with the stencil at all times.
6)    Replace any extra paste into the container.
7)    Remove the tape from the bottom and sides of the stencil.
8)    Using the taped top as a hinge, carefully remove the stencil.  Let the paste dry.
9)    Repeat step 3 with the waves and dots stencil and the tropical splash card stock. 
10)                     Remove the regular paste with the palette knife and instead of placing it on the paste spreader, paste the left side and the bottom of the stencil.  You do not have to be particular about how the paste fills the holes, because it is supposed to represent the ever moving sea weed.
11)                     Repeat steps 7 and 8.  Let all the paste dry.
12)                     Color with the alcohol ink markers directly onto the paste.  You will see that the regular paste gives a matte finish and the pearlescent is a little shimmery.  Let the color dry.
13)                     Select a few of the white colored dots to make as “bubbles”.  Color them with the Versamark Pen and cover with the embossing powder.
14)                     Heat set the embossing powder.
15)                     Adhere the background to the folded card.

16)                     Assemble the card, using the foam squares to raise the fish above the card.

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