Friday, October 9, 2015

Got It? Haunt It--If the Shoe Fits!

This is my last post in the Stampendous Theme Week, "Got it? Haunt It".  This card really surprised me, because I was having a hard time deciding what to do with this stamp.  Once I chose a more "glam" theme, I just kept thinking, "What would Glinda wear?"

Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Chameleon™ Markers (Purple Grape, Spring Green, Black)
Shrink Plastic
Hole Punch
French Curve or Oval Punch
Heat Embossing Tool
Long Handled Tweezers
Clear & Orange Rhinestones
Scotch® 1/2" Adhesive Tape by 3M®
5" Machine and Adhesive by Xyron®
Ribbon by May Arts
Paper Trimmer
Sharp Scissors
  1. Cut the base of the card 3 3/4" by 11" and fold on the top.
  2. Cut purple card stock to 3 3/4" by 5 1/2" and adhere to the base.
  3. Stamp both green and orange card stock with the Damask Bats in VersaMark Ink.
  4. Pour clear embossing powder over the stamped images and shake off the excess.
  5. Use the Heat Tool to emboss the powder.
  6. Stamp the Shoe Fits Image with Memento Ink on the Mixed Media Paper.
  7. Color the Shoe Fits image with Chameleon Markers in Spring Green and Purple Grape.
  8. Sand the shrink plastic.
  9. Place the Spider Stencil on the plastic and lightly trace the images with a pen.
  10. Color the spider with a Black Chameleon Pen.
  11. Use the hole punch to create a hole between the upper legs.
  12. Use sharp scissors to cut around the spider.  Cut around the legs instead of between them.  Also, leave plenty of plastic above the hole.
  13. Use the Heat Tool to shrink the spider.  You can hold it in place with the long handled tweezers.
  14. Use the French Curve to draw an oval around the letters in the Shoe Fits Image and then cut it out.  Alternatively, you could use a punch or die.
  15. Adhere the words to a piece of black card stock and cut, leaving a little border of black around the oval.
  16. Cut around the shoe.
  17. Trim the green bats card stock, black card stock and orange card stock.
  18. Adhere the orange card stock to the black and that to the green, lining up the top edges.
  19. Mount the words to the orange bats.
  20. Run the shoe through the Xyron machine and adhere to the orange bats.
  21. Place clear rhinestones on the shoe.
  22. Place the orange rhinestone on the spider body.
  23. Wrap the ribbons and beads around the bottom of the green bats, creating a nice bow.
  24. Attach the spider as a charm to the bow using twine, and creating an additional bow.
  25. Mount the project to the background.
I hope you enjoyed this card!  It is one of my favorites.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Then, check out the rest of the players today:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Got It? Haunt It! Theme week and 31 Days of Halloween

This post represents the "Got It?  Haunt It!" Theme week for Stampendous, my first post for the Smeared and Smudged 31 Days of Halloween and, of course, Dreamweaver Thursday.........

Here is how I did it:

Removable Tape
Craft Knife
Card Stock

For the Background Papers:
Mixed Media Paper

For this project, I made my own distressed background paper.  Since the paper was actually the extra papers that I created for another project, I will direct you to the post that includes those instructions HERE.  
When the papers are dry, then follow these steps:

1.  Paste the blue paper with the Spider Web Stencil using the Regular Embossing Paste and set it aside to dry.  (To paste, adhere the stencil over the paper by taping down all the edges with removable tape.  Then, use the palette knife to put paste on the paste spreader.  Place the paste spreader directly on the stencil and pull it toward you, like a squeegee, keeping contact with the stencil at all times.  Then, remove the tape and the stencil.)

2.  Use the Spider Web Stencil over the top of the orange paper to determine where to place the spider.  Mark it lightly through the stencil.

3.  Paste the Spider Stencil over the mark.  Use the Matte Black Embossing Paste.

4.  While the spider is still wet, use tweezers to place the gemstones.

5.  Stamp the sentiment in the corner with the Stayzon Ink.

6.  When everything is dry, use a craft knife and scissors to cut out the spider web around the saying and the spider.

7.  Assemble the card.

Now that you know what I did, check out the rest of the posts for the day.  They may be the "Got It? Flaunt It!" Theme, or even Dreamweaver Thursday, but I am the only 31 Days of Halloween player on this list today.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Got it? Haunt It! Halloween Legs Shaker Card

This week's Stampendous theme is "Got it? Haunt It!", and I have chosen to feature this Halloween Legs shaker card:
Here is how I made it:

Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Tim Holtz® Walnuts Stain Distress Ink by Ranger®
Chameleon™ Markers (Seville Orange,  Purple Grape, Cool Gray, Black)
Distress Ink Blending Tool
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives™
Shrink Plastic
Clear Acetate
Hole Punch
Sharp Scissors
Heat Embossing Tool
Twine by May Arts
Scotch® Removable Tape by 3m®
Scotch® 1/2" Adhesive Tape by 3m®
5" Machine and Adhesive by Xyron®
Long Tweezers
Paper Towel


  • Cut the base of the card 4 1/2" by 11 1/2" and fold on the top.
  • Cut green card stock to 4 1/2" by 5 3/4" and purple card stock to match the Spiderweb Stencil size.
  • Tape the Spiderweb Stencil to the purple card stock with removable tape.
  • Tap the stencil brush in the VersaMark Ink and then on the paper towel (to remove excess) and then gently rub on the stencil in a circular motion.  Remove the stencil when finished.
  • Pour clear embossing powder over the spiderweb and shake off the excess.
  • Use the Heat Tool to emboss the powder.
  • Use removable tape to attach the Spiderweb Stencil to the orange card stock.  Make sure to cover the top edge first with a strip of tape long enough to cover the whole top and act like a hinge.
  • Use the palette knife to place a strip of Translucent Embossing Paste across the bottom edge of the paste spreader.  Make sure you have a long enough strip of paste to cover the entirety of the image from side to side.
  • Place the bottom edge of the paste spreader directly on the top edge of the stencil with the paste facing you.
  • Pull the paste spreader towards you across the stencil.  (Think of a squeegee).  The embossing paste should completely fill all the wells in the stencil.
  • Use the palette knife to remove the excess paste from the spreader and place back in the container.
  • Carefully remove the tape from the sides and bottom of the stencil, leaving the hinge on top.
  • Lift the stencil from a bottom corner, like a door and then remove it entirely from the area.  Let the paste dry.
  • Stamp the Kitty Skirt with Memento Ink on the Mixed Media Paper.
  • Color the Kitty Skirt image with Chameleon Markers in Seville Orange, Purple Grape and Cool Gray.
  • Sand the shrink plastic.
  • Place the Bats Stencil on the plastic and lightly trace the images with a pen.  Make 2 tracings.
  • Color the bats with a Black Chameleon Pen.
  • Use the hole punch to create a hole just above the ears of one of the large bats.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut around the bats, being careful to leave a wide margin around the hole above the large bat ears.
  • Use the Heat Tool to shrink the bats.  You can hold them in place with the long handled tweezers.
  • Cut a rectangle to the width of your choice and a length about 1" longer than the Kitty Skirt image from the center of the pasted orange image.
  • Cut a rectangle out of the center of the rectangle, about 1/2" in from the sides and 3/4" in from the bottom.
  • Cut 2-3 pieces of chipboard to match the rectangle.
  • Glue the chipboard together in a stack.
  • Use Distress Ink on the edges of the chipboard.
  • Distress the edges of the rectangle and all the card stock with Distress Ink and the Blender Tool.
  • Cut around the Kitty Skirt image.  You may need a craft knife.
  • Run the rectangle window and Kitty Skirt through the Xyron machine.
  • Attach the rectangle and then the kitty to the acetate.
  • Wrap the twine around the bottom of the rectangle, using the bat with the punched top as a charm.
  • Glue the chipboard stack to the acetate.
  • Place the shaker box face down on the table and fill about halfway with the Hot Lime Fragments, Champagne Glass Glitter and the shrink plastic bats.
  • Glue all the way around the shaker box, lift up in the air, and place the purple spider web card stock on top of the glue, doing your best to line up the web on the orange with the web on the purple. 
  • Adhere the green card stock to the base and the top of the card to the green.
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  • Thursday, October 1, 2015

    Pumpkin Pie Week--Jack-O-Lantern Card

    This week at Stampendous is Pumpkin Pie Week.  I decided to make my card a little scarier:

    Here is how I made it:

    Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
    Ribbon by May Arts
    Chameleon Pens in Grass Green, Olive Green, Seville Orange, Crimson Red, Warm Sunset, Bark, Black
    Scotch 1/2" Adhesive Tape
    Scotch Removable Tape
    3D Foam Tape
    Distress Ink in Walnut Stain
    Ink Blending Tool
    Heat Embossing Tool
    Paper Towel


    1. The base card stock is 5 1/4" by 10", folded on the top.
    2. Cut green card stock to 5 1/4" by 5".
    3. Cut tan card stock to the size of the Spider Web Stencil and another piece just larger than the sentiment.
    4. Use the Distress Ink and the ink blending tool to distress the edges of all the tan and the green card stock.
    5. Tape the spider web stencil to the tan card stock with removable tape.
    6. Load the stencil brush with the VersaMark Ink.
    7. Tap off the excess ink on a paper towel.
    8. Use a circular motion to apply the ink over the stencil.
    9. Remove the stencil and cover the image with the Clear Embossing Powder. Tap off the excess.
    10. Use the heat tool to emboss.
    11. Stamp the sentiment on the small piece of tan card stock with Memento.
    12. Stamp the spiders over the spider web with Memento.
    13. Tape the Jack O Lantern Stencil on black card stock using the removable tape.  Place a long piece across the top of the stencil first, as it will act like a hinge.
    14. Use the palette knife to place a strip of Matte Black Embossing Paste above the stencil.  Make sure there is a long enough strip to cover the entire jack o lantern image.
    15. Use the paste spreader to pull the embossing paste over the stencil. (Imagine a squeegee).  The entire jack o lantern image should be filled.
    16. Remove the tape from the sides and bottom of the stencil.
    17. Carefully lift the Jack O Lantern Stencil from a corner like a door on a hinge.  Then, pull the whole stencil off the card stock.
    18. Clean the stencil and let the pasted image dry completely.
    19. After the jack o lantern is dry, replace the stencil over the paste.
    20. Repeat steps 13-18, but use the crackle paste instead of the matte black.
    21. When paste is completely dry, it will appear to be cracked and a matte white in color.
    22. Color the jack o lantern image with Chameleon Pens.  You may have to color it a couple of times to get the look you like. The paste lightens the color as the markers dry.
    23. Trim the jack o lanterns image closely, leaving just a little black around the subject.
    24. Cut black card stock a little larger than the spider web image and another piece a little larger than the sentiment.
    25. Attach the images to their corresponding black mats.
    26. Attach the jack o lanterns to the spider web image.  Adhere this to the green background.
    27. Wrap May Arts Ribbon around the bottom of the green card stock background.
    28. Attach the sentiment with 3D Foam Tape.
    29. Adhere the card to the base.
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    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    De-Stressing with Distressing

    This week, the challenge is Distressing.  At first, I was thinking, "sure, I can do this, no problem.....Just stamp with the texture stamps and throw a little Distress Ink on a few edges and bam!"  Then, the lovely ladies at Stampendous sent me some products that I had never used before and a link to a video (which I have posted further down).  I have to admit, the thought of learning a new technique caused me a little stress.  I watched the video and gave it a try.  It was FAR easier than I thought.  I am not sure if I did it exactly like the video, but I loved it.  I am hooked.  Let me show you what I made.

    Both the blue and the distressed orange paper started out as white Mixed Media Paper.  I used two variations on the techniques I saw in the video.

    Orange Paper

    1)  Paint the paper with a mix of Quinacridone Gold and Titan Buff DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics.  Don't mix the paints, just squeeze them on your palette and use your brush to pick up both colors.  They will mix on the paper and create variations of the colors.  Let this dry.

    2) Paint some Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting onto your palette or craft sheet and use it as an "ink pad" for your ASCRS03 Industrial stamp.  I used the one that looks like peeling paint on this one.  Stamp it all over your background.  I made sure that the stamp orientation remained vertical, so that the peels look like they are all weathering in the same direction.  Let it dry.

    3)  Lightly brush some Quinacridone Gold over the whole top.

    Blue Paper

    1)  Using the same technique as the orange (not blending the colors, but picking them all up on your brush), paint the Mixed Media Paper with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in Prussian Blue Hue, Paynes Grey, and Titan Buff.  Let dry.

    2)  Stamp with ASCRS03 Industrial Stamp Set in StazOn colors Blue Hawaii and Cloudy Sky.  I chose the one with the scratchy effect and used the stamp in a different direction with each stamp.


    1)  Use removable tape all the way around the DWLG754 Large Oak Leaves Stencil on the blue paper.  Place the first piece across the full top of the stencil and, when removing, treat this as a hinge to lift your stencil.

    2)  Use the palette knife to transfer the Black Matte Embossing Paste to the Paste Spreader.

    3)  Place the paste spreader on the top of the image and pull straight down, treating the spreader like a squeegee and keeping it in contact with the stencil at all times.

    4)  Remove the tape and let it dry.

    Now, this is where everything went sort of wrong for me.  I SHOULD have just repeated the above process with the Crackle Embossing Paste and then, when it dried, I would have colored the white surface with inks or alcohol markers.  It would have looked like this (which is a preview of next week's card):

    However, I found my only container of Crackle Paste to be almost gone and really, really dry.  With nothing to lose, I added water and Quinacridone Gold paint to the container and mixed it.  In the end, it more resembled small curd cottage cheese than the whipped cream cheese texture that I should have had.  I tried it anyway.  It took forever to dry.  When it was almost done, I turned my Embossing Heat Gun on it, which bubbled the surface even more.  It now had both cracks and bubbles. It looked like this:

    The original base color on this (because of the addition of that paint) was sort of a light gold orange.  I added color with my Stencil Brushes and whatever pigment ink I had around.  In this case, I used Vesacolor in Green Tea 161, Split Pea 63, Boysenberry 126, and Orange 13.  I also used Versamagic in Eggplant.  The combination of the Eggplant and the Green Tea over each other made the brown color on the stems and acorn caps.  Finally, just because I had it, I brushed on DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Gold Rush, Iced Espresso and Champagne Ice.  You certainly don't need to use all these colors. they were just handy to me.

    So, now that you have seen the video, and my project (please leave a comment if you get the chance), check out the rest of the players for today:

    Friday, September 18, 2015

    Tombow Collaboration--Fun with Pencils and Markers!

    BannerGraphicToday, we have a blog hop using Tombow products, including a couple of wonderful prizes, so read on for your chance to win.
    My project using these products is a Halloween card.

    It was very easy to make.  All I had to do was stamp my Pumpkin Carving Rubber Stamp with Memento Ink on Mixed Media Paper.  These are products that were given to me by Stampendous for being on their design team.  Then, I tried out the Tombow Recycled Color Pencils, that I received as a gift from Tombow for participating in the hop this week.  I used a light, medium and dark color for each area.  This was a very relaxing experience, and the colors blended well.  I used a couple of layers to build up thick color.  Then, I moved to my Dual Brush Markers.  These markers are water based, and I love them so much that I purchased them in most of the available colors.  Today, I scribbled the colors 606, 665 and 679 on my Blending Palette.  Then, I used my water brush to pick up the colors and paint them onto the background.  The build up of colored pencils helped to resist the water in the spots where I accidentally painted over the lines.  To create even more texture, I colored over parts of the background with the pencils.  Then, I mounted the image on some card stock, and I was done.  Here is what those colored pencils look like:

    Remember what I said about prizes?  There are two packages, which include:

    • Tombow Recycled Color Pencils 24 pack tin
    • A roll of Tombow Foam Tape
    • A Jumbo Perfectly Clear Handle
    • Your choice from Stampendous Create Fall, Create Christmas, Create Winter or Create a Poinsettia Cling Stamp set and Matching Dies

    • To win you should:
    • “Like” both TombowUSA and Stampendous company pages on Facebook if you use it.
    • Follow @tombowusa and @stampendous on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (or wherever you play along)
    • And comment on all the blog posts from both teams all week. Including our pre-game posts Mon-Thurs and our Weekend hop Fri-Sun.
    • We’ll give you until Tuesday, September 22 to get all those great comments in, then we’ll choose 2 winners on Sept 23.

    Be sure to comment and tell us where you’re from, because our Australian Distributor The Stencil Specialists are sponsoring a prize for one friend “down under” to win a Stampendous Stamp, a Dreamweaver Stencil and a surprise goodie from their terrific stock of Stampendous merchandise!

    Here are the rest of today's participants.  Be sure and leave a comment on all the posts to win!

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Tombow fun!

    Welcome to our Tombow pre-hop event!  I just love the Tombow coloring products.  On today's post, I used a couple of really fun techniques.

    For the background, I used the Snowflake Sky rubber stamp.  I stamped it twice with Versamark Ink on watercolor paper.  I then embossed it with Clear Embossing Powder, using my heat tool.  I colored with my Tombow Dual Brush Markers colors 743, 703 and 665 directly onto the color blending palette.  I then used a water brush to pick up the colors and paint them over the embossed surface.  This created that pink snowflake background.
    The tree was created by using the Double Glitter Technique with Heidi Swapp Minc foils.  I soaped up the back of my Ornate Christmas Tree Stencil.  You can use any natural soap, but I used the Handmade Hawaiian Soap.  I made sure that the entire stencil back was cloudy looking, and then I brushed off the excess soap bits with my stencil brush.   Then, I placed the stencil on one side of the Double Sided Mounting Paper.  I pressed the foils into the wells of the stencil using my fingers and my small embossing tool.  I used pink, mint green, and gold foils.  When I felt that I had used all the foil I could, I covered the entire project with Micro Silver Glitter.   I brushed off the excess.  Then, I put the project stencil side down on a flat surface.  I carefully peeled the paper off of the stencil, while leaving the stencil flat.  Then, I covered the entire project with Crystal Glitter.  After that, I just assembled the card.
    I hope you enjoyed the post today.  Thanks for stopping by.  Check out the other posts for tday: