Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vampire Earrings

Here are the vampire earring to complement the necklace.
Dreamweaver Stencil LL 525 Bats
Mercart Black Coated Aluminum
Mercart Teflon Tool
Scrap Chipboard (I used scraps from Globecraft Memories Piccolos)
Strong Glue (I used Beacon Adhesive Quick Grip)
Big Bite
Black chain and findings (I used Plaid Black and White)
Black 18 gauge wire
Two 1.5 inch Connie Crystal Teardrops
Dreamweaver Alcohol Inks in Winter Red

1)  Lay the stencil over the chipboard and trace around the inside of one of the bats.  Do this twice one one side, and then flip the stencil over and make two more.
2)  Cut out all of the chipboard bats.
3)  Put the metal black side down over the stencil.
4)  Use the teflon tool to press the metal into the stencil.  Make sure to make deep impressions all the way around.  Remove the metal.  Create four bats this way--two on one side, and then two more after flipping the stencil.
5)  Cut around bats, leaving just a little extra metal to fold over.
6)  Glue a matching bat into each of the metal shells.
7)  Fold over the metal and rub on the back of metal.
8)  Match a "front" bat to a "back" bat.  Glue them together.  You now have two bats.
9)  While bats dry, make a bail from the black wire.
10)  Attach the crystal to the chain and the chain to the ear wire.
11)  Use the Big Bite to punch a hole in one wing of each bat.
12)  Use a large jump ring to attach the bat to the chain.

13)  Use a couple of drops of alcohol ink to the tops of the crystals for a "bloody" effect.  Because of the nature of the crystals, unless you use just a little alcohol ink, it will fill the facet.  Also, the "blood" effect can either look very intense or practically nonexistent with a simple turn of the crystal.  If you decide later to remove the color, you can do so with either the remover or rubbing alcohol.
So, now you have another cute Halloween jewelry idea.  Thanks for coming back today!

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  1. cute! such detail! Now, those are some very cool bats!