Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Truly Fresh Start

You don't normally find me making baby cards, but these two stencils were perfect for each other, and pink seemed like the right color scheme--so a baby card it is!  Although, I would be comfortable using this combination (perhaps in different colors) to congratulate someone on their very first musical or drama performance as well.

Dreamweaver Stencil LX 7017 Stars
Dreamweaver Stencil LS 1012 A Star is Born
Double Sided Mounting Paper
Dreamweaver Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap
Large Stencil Brush
Embossing Tool
Stampee Foil in Pink
Art Glitter Mircofine Opaque 508 Silver Moon
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal
Pink Cardstock
White Cardstock (use behind the words)
3D Dots

1)  Soap the back of the star stencil until it appears to have a cloudy film over it.
2)  Use stencil brush to brush off the soap crumblies that have attached themselves to the stencil.
3)  Remove one side of the mounting paper and attach to the soaped side of the stencil.
4)  Press the foil over the star sections of the stencil.  Rub a little with your fingers.
5)  Use the embossing tool to go around the edges of the stars as well as possible.
6)  Repeat the first five steps with the word stencil.  Leave a little extra mounting paper around the outside of the stencil.  Put the foil in the words and around the edges of the stencil.
7)  Cover both stencils with the silver glitter.  Press in a little with your finger.
8)  Brush off the excess silver glitter.
9)  Place stencils face down on a flat surface and carefully remove the mounting paper, leaving the stencils flat.
10)  Cover with crystal glitter.
11)  Brush off excess glitter and assemble card.

This card is a "fresh start" because it is for a baby, but it also uses one of the brand new stencils!  If you have a "fresh start" card, enter our challenge.  You only have to photograph it, and send it to You could win $25 worth of Dreamweaver stencils!  Check out the other blogs for more inspiration, and give it a try!


  1. Darling card Laura! It was great to see you again at the show!

  2. A great card for both baby and aspiring actor and suitable for a variety of techniques, too. So fun to see you and spend time with you at CHA.

  3. Wonderful post, Laura! This stencil is perfect for so much, including a baby card. Love the foiling on the stars!

  4. What a cute theme! And, I like the pink!

  5. Beautiful Laura!!! I just saw on your blog that you're a DT member for Globecraft. I need to email you about this. I have not heard from Pat in forever. I wasn't sure what was happening with this company.