Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Fresh Start

Welcome to a brand new year, and a brand new Dreamweaver Challenge Month.  This month, our challenge is "A Fresh Start".  To enter, follow the theme (it could be a new baby, a wedding, a resolution, or anything you can fit into this theme).  Then, take a picture and email it to Give it a shot.
So, how did I interpret the theme today?  Well, a birthday signifies a fresh start at a new year for the birthday person.  This week, it is the birthday of our Dreamweaver Queen, Lynell.   So, here it is:

and here is how it was made:

Dreamweaver Stencil LL 3027 Star Flower
Dreamweaver Stencil LS 1010 Happy Birthday
Double Sided Adhesive Paper
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Mercart AC05 Christmas Green Coated Aluminum
Mercart Beginner Tool Kit
Mercart Embossing Backing Paste
3"x5" Piece of Suede
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used the Cuttlebug)
Black Cardstock
Patterned Paper
Globescraft Memories Vintage Copper Enamel Powder

1)  Use the manual die cut machine to emboss the flower stencil.  For the Cuttlebug, place stencil face down on the A Plate, then the metal, green side down, the rubber embossing mat and the two B Plates.
2)  Remove metal from stencil and place embossed side down on suede.
3)  Use ball end of tools from the beginner kit to push out the stems and flowers.  You are making them three dimensional.  Be sure to push out the parts that you want raised the highest with the most force.
4)  Flip metal over and place on a hard, smooth surface.  Use the Teflon tool on the top of the metal to define and straighten  the flat surfaces.
5)  When the metal looks the way you like it, flip it back over and fill the trenches with Backing Paste.  Let dry completely.
6)  Use the maual die cutting machine to deboss the words.  You run it through the machine with the stencil, face UP, the metal, colored side up, the rubber mat and the two B Plates.
7)  Leaving the stencil in place, use the Teflon tool to push the words in and define them.
8)  Sand.  Then remove stencil.
9)  Cut around the flowers.
10)  Place both metal pieces on larger Double Sided Mounting Paper.
11)  Pour copper enamel powder on the mounting paper that surrounds the metal.  Push it in a little with your fingers.
12)  Use heat gun to heat and melt embossing powder.
13)  Assemble the card.

So, be sure to check out the other blogs this week, and get to work on your own creation!  You have all month!


  1. Laura this card is fabulous as usual. Love the colors. Can't wait to see you at CHA.

  2. Again, your metal work and this card are incredible. So beautiful. See you at CHA.

  3. Pretty card Laura, clever idea with the mounting paper and embossing powder! See you soon.

  4. I love love love the green! Thank you for the b-day ladies outdid yourselves today!

  5. Love the green. Green definitely says, "Fresh start" to me. Beautiful card, Laura!

  6. AWESOME!So very pretty,love that green...

  7. Beautiful card! That green flower just really pops with that Vintage Copper background.

  8. love all the textures and colours. your card has a vintage feeling to it and yet the bright green does look "fresh". i was quite interested in the double-sided adhesive paper and embossing powder. i've never heard of the paper before so will be checking it out. it's great how the dream team uses so many different products and shows how to use them.

  9. Awesome card. Great way to start the New Year with inspiration from this card!

  10. I am just loving your projects Laura! the wreath is perfection and this card is just amazing!

  11. Beautiful! What a neat technique you did... love the look of the raised embossed image on metal with surrounding embossing powder!