Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Fresh Start--A Resolution Worth Keeping

A good resolution for me this year (aside from getting more organized) is to take notes when I get a phone call, need to leave a message, or just think of a new idea.  To that end, I have decorated a cute little notebook.
Dreamweaver Telephone Stencil LM2015
Dreamweaver Small Cathedral Windows Stencil LJ909
Mercart Black Coated Aluminum
Mercart Metals Teflon Tool (in Basic Tool Kit)
Double Sided Adhesive Paper
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used the Cuttlebug)
USArt Quest Notepad Holder
Graphic 45 Paper Botanica Bella Collection Paper (actually an expired collection, but any would work)
Graphic 45 Communique Collection Letters
Black Card Stock
Card Stock in Color Coordinating with Paper
5" Xyron With Permanent Adhesive

1)  Run the Cathedral Windows Stencil through the die cut machine with the card stock using the Stamping Details Mat.  Spritz the back of the card stock with a little rubbing alcohol to loosen the fibers before you send it through.  The "sandwich" for the Cuttlebug is A Plate, stencil FACE DOWN, card stock face down, Stamping Details Mat, and then two B Plates. This is embossing.
2)  Run the Telephone Stencil through the machine, debossing the metal.  This is the "sandwich" for the Cuttlebug:  A Plate, stencil FACE UP, metal black side up, Stamping Details Mat, and two B Plates.  Do not remove the metal from the stencil.
3) Use the Teflon Tool on top of the metal to push it right up against the stencil on all the sides.  You are merely "sharpening" the image.  Do not remove the metal from the stencil.
4)  Sand the metal to remove the black coating from the parts that are raised on top of the stencil.
5)  Remove the metal from the stencil and place on one side of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. Press the metal down on top of the paper. Trim with regular scissors.
6)  Trim papers and arrange. Don't forget the inside cover.  Use the Xyron to put adhesive on the back of the paper.  Adhere all papers and card stock.
7)  Use the other side of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper to adhere the metal piece to front cover.
That is it!  The stencils really did all the work.
Now it is your turn to create something that is "A Fresh Start".  Take a picture of it and send it to for a chance to win!


  1. You are so clever. And this is so much nicer than post-its tacked all over the desk! This would also make a great stocking-stuffer 'cause you know . . . Christmas will be here before you know it!

  2. should see my desk right now. That little box would be a great organizer too! Love the vintage phone on the metal...perfect!

  3. Love your little note box. That stencil is just perfect for your resolution, or for decorating all of the office essentials!

  4. Love how this turned out! That phone is awesome!

  5. I love it and I think you and georgia are thinking a lot alike!

  6. such a cute idea! Love that telephone stencil.

  7. This is a really cute idea... and I really like that stencil. I even remember using a phone like that...(Yes I'm Old! at least that what my grandchildren tell me...LOL)