Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Love Jar

This month's challenge is CAS Love and Friendship.  I know this challenge is open to a lot of interpretations beyond Valentine's Day, but being that next week is the big day, I have decided to share a CAS Valentine gift idea--a Love Jar.  It is full of  365 "Reasons I Love You", a full year of daily love affirmations for my husband.
Dreamweaver Stencil LM 287 Heart Flourish
Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste
Dreamweaver Alcohol Ink in Cosmo Pink
Dreamweaver Alcohol Ink in Sugar Plum
Dreamweaver Alcohol Ink in Paprika Red
Dreamweaver Alcohol Ink in Sizzling Silver
Alcohol Ink Aplicator
Removable Tape
Palette Knife
Art Glitter Fantasy Film in Strawberry
Xyron 510 With Permanent Adhesive
Jar (I bought mine at the Dollar Store)

1)  Use alcohol ink applicator to apply alcohol inks all around the outside of the jar.  I used three drops of each of the colors and one drop of silver for each time I loaded the color on the applicator.
2)  Trim Fantasy Film to a little larger than the stencil.  Make four pieces.
3)  Send the Fantasy Film through the Xyron machine.  Rub the resulting adhesive "sandwich" and remove only the top layer of cellophane.
4)  Use embossing paste and stencil to add hearts to all four pieces.  Do this by taping stencil down onto film and using the palette knife to "squeegee" on the paste.  Let dry.
5)  Replace stencil and trace around it with the pencil.
6)  Trim just inside the tracing with scissors.
7)  Remove backing and adhere hearts to jar.

8)  Tie ribbon around the jar.
9)  Use pen and paper to write 365 (or whatever amount suits you) notes to your loved one.

There you have it, a Love Jar!  I hope you get the chance to make this very personal project for your loved ones.
Meanwhile, February is full of opportunities for you.  Challenge yourself to participate this month with a CAS project of your own!  Send a picture to for your chance to win.  Better yet, apply for the Dreamweaver Design Team today!  That is right, there is a call out for a new team.  Take it from me, it is a fabulous opportunity.


  1. What a great project Laura! You are really thinking outside the box...or jar in this case. COOL!

  2. I'm sure your husband will love this very thoughtful gift! Great idea, Laura.

  3. Wow,clever project Laura! I really like the paste on the fantasy film. Very pretty!

  4. Very fun!I haven't played with fantasy film yet, may have to.

  5. Great idea, cute jar, but how did you come up with 365 affirmations?

  6. Fantastic project. What a great idea to put on fantasy film. I can't wait to try.

  7. What a great way to use stencils with a rounded surface! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. This is very pretty! I love that technique - very different!

  9. I'm sure this is a gift he will treasure.

  10. that is such a lovely idea and i'm sure your husband will treasure it.