Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Resolution Diary

This month's Dreamweaver challenge is A Fresh Start.  My interpretation this week is a take on New Year's Resolutions.  It is a way to keep track of your resolutions, a "Resolution Diary".  Personally, while I enjoy the idea of a new year being a fresh start, I think you should be able to create a new resolution any time of the year.  The biggest problem is the follow through--when do you start?  As an answer to that question, I added the phrase "Now is the Time", to remind me that now is the best time to start a new course of action.

Dreamweaver Stencil LX 7018 Steampunk Clock
Dreamweaver Metallic Gold Embossing Paste
Dreamweaver Matte Black Embossing Paste
Removable Tape
LM 2010 Paste Spreader
Small Palette Knife Spreader
Metallic FX in Moonstone, Ivy Garden, Kiwi, Purple Satin and Eye of the Tiger
Heat Gun
Black Cardstock
Parchment Colored Cardstock
Purple Hand Made Paper
Premade Journal
Small Alphabet Stickers
5" Xyron Machine with Permanent Adhesive Cartridge
We R Memory Keepers Big Bite
Swiffer Refill Cloth
Craft Knife

1)  Place stencil over a small piece of parchment colored paper and tape down with removable tape.  The cardstock needs to be under the clock portion.
2)  Use small palette knife to spread Matte Black Paste over the clock section.
3)  Remove stencil and wash.  Set pasted clock aside to dry.
4)  Put clean and dry stencil over the black cardstock.  Tape down with removable tape.
5)  Use large paste spreader to spread gold paste over the image.
6)  Remove stencil and set aside to wash.
7)  Use clean and dry palette knife to sprinkle the various colors of Metallic FX over the wet paste.
8)  Carefully flick excess Metallic FX powder off of wet pasted image.
9)  Use heat gun to heat the wet paste until it is bubbly.
10)  After all of the image has been "bubbled", you can use your hand to carefully tap down any areas that remain raised.  This is not necessary, but I believe that it creates a tighter, more reticulated look.
11)  Use the sticker letters to create a sentiment on a small piece of parchment colored cardstock.
12)  Use the craft knife to cut around the outside of the clock face on both pieces.
13)  Tear the edges of the purple paper.
14)  Use the Swiffer refill cloth to gently clean off all the extra Metallic FX powders.
15)  Run all the pieces through the Xyron and assemble.
16)  Use the Big Bite to create holes for the brads.
17)  Place the brads.
You are done.  The Metallic FX causes the work to be even shinier than just the Gold Embossing Paste.  I managed to capture that shimmer in one of my pictures.  This is what it looks like:
So now you may be working on some new resolutions.  May I suggest one?  Enter some competitions, you have nothing to lose.  Of course, I would suggest first entering the Dreamweaver Fresh Start Challenge.  Just make something that means "Fresh Start" to you, and send a picture of it to  You could be featured on the Dreamweaver Blog and possibly even win $25 woth of Dreamweaver products of your chosing!  Give it a shot.  After all, "Now is the Time"......


  1. The Molten Magic technique makes this very detailed stencil really stand out. A resolution to try new techniques is a great fresh start!

  2. love this look and great idea - now is always the time haha.

  3. This is gorgeous! The color and dimension is amazing. Beautiful job with that Molten Magic technique!

  4. This is so totally cool!! LOVE the Molten magic over the gold!

  5. Very nice Laura, I like the idea of it too!

  6. Wonderful card Laura! Love the look this technique creates! See you soon.