Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July-- A Red, White and Blue Birthday

Happy Birthday, America!
Today is July 4th, Independence Day.  It's America's birthday, and the Stampendous team is celebrating.  Here is my post for today:

Red, White and Blue Birthday
Stazon Jet Black Ink
Watercolors in Red and Blue
Removable Tape
Watercolor Paper (your preference, but nothing with too much texture)
Zip Dry
Paper Towel
My Colors Card Stock in Oceanside
1)    Fold a piece of 6 ¼” by 9” card stock so that the fold is on the top.
2)     Tape the three stars stencil face up on the watercolor paper.   Make sure that you have extra watercolor paper outside the edges of the stencil.
3)    Press the Versamark Pad over the stencil.  Pay special attention to the small holes.
4)    Remove the stencil
5)    Cover the project with clear embossing powder and shake it upside down several times to make sure that any excess powder is gone.  The move texture you have, the more likely you are to have extra powder.
6)    Look at the top of the card before you heat it.  Use the brush to flick away any stray powder.
7)    Heat set the embossing powder.
8)    Use the Versamark Pen to do any touch ups that you feel necessary.  Just color in the section, cover with powder and heat.
9)    Use the paintbrush and the watercolor to color the image.
10)                     Pat excess watercolor off of the white areas with a damp paper towel.
11)                     Trim the image.  Keep the extra colored watercolor paper.
12)                     Use the acrylic handle to stamp the expression on some of the extra colored watercolor paper.  Stamp with Stayzon.

13)                     Trim image, mat with Oceanside card stock, and assemble.

Thank you so much for celebrating America's Birthday with me today.  If you enjoyed my post, feel free to leave a comment.  I love reading comments.  Also, go check out the other posts for today  :

Have a great Fourth of July!


  1. Great 4th of July card. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Peg

  2. This is a great card! I love the swirls and stars.

  3. This is a great card! I love the swirls and stars.

  4. Very pretty! LOVE the soft colors! Perfect for the 4th of July!! TFS!