Thursday, June 30, 2016

Florals and Foliage Week- -Hibiscus Bag

This week at Stampendous, the theme is Florals and Foliage.  Our fearless leader, Laura Weed says that flowers are always appropriate, and I couldn't agree more!  This week, I chose to do something a little different with my floral stencil.  Here is my little decorated bag.


Small Stencil Brushes (The more the better, so you don’t have to keep cleaning them)
Removable Tape
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Matte Crimson Red, Christmas Red Metallic, Matte Tropical Green, Velveteen Green, Sunshine Yellow Matte, and Chocolate Matte
Cloth Bag (I bought mine for $1 at Target)
Paper Towels
Scrap Cardboard, at least the size of the bag
Scissors for the cardboard

1) Cut the cardboard to fit inside the bag.  It needs to be large enough to keep the entire front of the bag flat.  It will be almost the full size of the bag.

2) Slide the cardboard into the bag.

3) Tape the stencil on the bag, using tape across the top and the bottom of the stencil to hold it in place. 

4) Paint the image with the following process:  For each color, load it on the stencil brush, tap off the excess paint on the paper towel and gently tap the color over the stencil.  Start with the yellow portions of the hibiscus.  Be sure to layer the colors for more interest.

5) After you have painted the entire main image, load the brush with just a little brown paint and tap off the excess.  Brush from the stencil outward to create the brown border.  Start with the exposed areas on both edges.  Then, remove the top tape and hold the stencil down gently, painting off of the stencil.  Remove the bottom tape and hold the stencil down gently as you paint off the bottom.

 6)  Remove the stencil and let dry.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my little bag.  Here are the rest of the posts for today.....check them out!


  1. LOVE how you framed the flower!! Very eye catching! Might have to try something similar! Thanks for the inspiration!