Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beach Basics--Shells on the Shore

This week's theme is Beach Basics, and I made a VERY beachy card for you:

Shells on the Shore

Beach Embossing Kit (I used colors Golden Sand, Baby Blue Pastel, Pacific Blue and Sky Blue)
Removable Tape
White Pearl Gems
DecoArt Media Paint in Yellow Oxide and Quinacridone Gold
Zip Dry
Scrapbook Adhesive Foam Squares
My Colors Card Stock in Spearmint, Tropical Splash, Sweetie Pie and Madarin.
Manual Die Cut Machine
1)    Fold a piece of 5 ½ ” by 8 ½ ” card stock so that the fold is on the side.
2)    Use the manual die cut machine and the Fitted Frames dies to cut out two sizes of frames—the larger from tropical splash and the smaller from spearmint.
3)    Stamp the phrase in the smaller frame with the Versamark Ink.
4)    Cover with the Pacific Blue Embossing Powder and shake off the excess.
5)    Heat emboss.
6)    Glue the smaller frame onto the larger one.
7)    Tape the small scallop stencil on the sweetie pie card stock.
8)    Tap the Versamark Ink over the stencil, being sure to get the small areas.
9)    Remove the stencil.
10)                     Pour Ivory embossing glitter over the top and shake off the excess.
11)                     Heat emboss using the tool.
12)                     Cut closely to the image.
13)                     Repeat steps 7-12 three times.
14)                     Repeat steps 7-12 with the starfish stencil, mandarin card stock and Nutmeg Embossing Powder.
15)                     Cut a 4 ¼” by 5 ½” piece of the spearmint card stock.
16)                     Place the large wavy end of the Picasso stencil up in the left corner.
17)                     Rub the Versamark Ink pad on the card stock in the upper left hand corner and up onto the stencil.
18)                     Remove the stencil, and pour a color of blue embossing powder over the ink.
19)                     Heat set using the embossing tool.
20)                     Repeat steps 16-19, moving the stencil down, starting the ink under the last color, and changing colors each time, until you reach about halfway down the card stock.  This does not have to be perfect.
21)                     Adhere a couple of the shells and the pearls in the area that will be the beach.
22)                     Color some of the embossing paste with the DecoArt paint until it looks like sand.  Use the palette knife to mix.
23)                     “Frost” the card with your palette knife.
24)                     Add the rest of the shells and the starfish while the project is still wet.  You can place them partially in the sand.
25)                     WHILE IT IS STILL WET, sprinkle some of the Golden Sand Embossing powder all over the “sand”.  Do not emboss.
26)                     Use the Versamark Ink pad all over the back of the stiletto stencil to create a resist.

27)                     Glue the top to the card.

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