Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Under The Sea With Art Glitter

 I have a cute, little summery card to post today.  I used my new "Triple Glitter" technique on this one.  I started with a Dreamweaver Seahorse Stencil LM 181.  I soaped up the back, as seen on the Double Glitter technique video.  I then placed that soapy side on the double sided adhesive paper.  I used one small Want 2 Scrap rhinesone in the eye.  I used Dazzler D55 Queen's Robe over the center of the stencil.  I rubbed it in with my finger and brushed off the excess.  I chose one side of the seahorse to place the Ultrafine Opaque Fuschia #15 and the other to use Ultrafine Opaque Royale #30.  I put the color inside the wells,  close to one side.  I then pushed them all into the center.  Finally, I put Terra Blue 510 Microfine Opaque on the stencil and pushed it off into the wells to make the edges look sharper.  Then, I brushed all of the excess off and carefully removed the paper from the stencil.  I then covered the background with Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal.  I followed the exact same proceedure with the other seahorse.  The difference?  I soaped the other side of the stencil and flipped it.
For the background, I can say that there isn't much that works better with glitter than rhinestones.  In this case, I used the Want 2 Scrap Build your own bling set.  I placed three pieces on the carstock.  I then went into the pieces and around the outside with my Designer Dries Clear Adhesive.  I sprinkled it with Blue Hawaii 233 Ultrafine Opaque.  In the next round, I just followed the line of the rhinestones and filled it with Ultrafine Opaque Royale #30.  The final layer was done with the Blue Hawaii again.
See, a cute and simple card.  Get inspired and make one of your own!

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  1. Ingenious to follow the lines of the gems with glue and glitter! Beautiful!