Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Glitzy Piggy

I found this little piggy bank at the dollar spot at Target.  Yes, this little guy was cute, small, pink, and only one buck.  It was almost perfect, but looked a little plain to me.
So, I added a little sparkle.  After all, there isn't anything much that isn't improved with a little glitter, right Kristi and KC?

First, I used my Designer Dries Clear to add the outlines of flowers.  I just used the glue with my fine metal tip directly on the ceramic.  No sanding required--this glue is THAT good!  I did the outlines first.  They were freehand and glittered in Microfine Opaque 508 Silver Moon.
I let the glue dry between each step.  I filled in with the Mirofine Transparent 825 Muscatel for the darker colored flowers.  And thenm 707 Hot Lips for the lighter ones.   Why transparent?  I thought that it might be nice to let the pink show through and unify the flower colors. 

I added the Microfine Opaque greens to the leaves.  I used Bavarian Forest 514 and 519 Reed for this part of the project.  Then, I inclued some Want2Scrap gem.  That was it.  Done!

Quite the sparkly piggy.  It would be a simple and fun way to spend the day with the future saver in your family.  Give it a try!  It could make saving fun!


  1. That is adorable! Great job!!

  2. Now that is stinking cute! Some little girl would love to have this in her room! Great job, Laura!