Sunday, July 8, 2012

Connie Crystal Earrings

Today, I am inspired by a pair of earrings that I saw my friend wearing last week.  They had rings hanging in a row and a chain hanging behind it with beads dangling from it.  I thought they were really fun, but would be much better with crystals--and I was right!
They were very simple to make.  I purchased the rings on a chain at my local Joann store.  The french clips were already in my stash, but simple enough to find anywhere.  The wire was 20 gauge.  The star of the show  was, of course, Connie Crystals.  This time I used the gorgeous Aurora Borealis finished octagons.
All I had to do was make a loop in the wire that was large enough for the crystal to pass through.  I made another loop that was much smaller and attached that around the large center jump ring.  I did this for each crystal.  Then, I attached the clip with one of the jump rings.  Then, I was done.  I always wonder what earrings look like when they are on, so I included another picture.
Of course, you may be wondering why I am so excited about the AB finsh.   Well, it adds a special sparkle to the finished piece.  Notice how the facets really pick up the ambient lighting.  The top picture was taken indoors, with the natural light coming through a nearby window.  (The silver on the top picture was the reflection of my black camera.  The picture of me wearing the jewelry was taken outside.  It reflects the greenery that is summer in Michigan.  Of course, where the AB coating really shows up is on black, as you can see here.
I hope you were inspired.  This project was so simple and reasonably priced, thanks to Connie Crystal!


  1. Those are beautiful. I always seem to have trouble with getting either a bail or a jump ring through the crystal holes w/o chipping, or breaking, the crystal.

  2. Beautiful dangles! Love how the crystals catch the light.