Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Summer Fun!

This is the last week of the Summer Fun Challenge for Dreamweaver Stencils!  The weather here in Michigan has been really warm, so I chose a cool blue card to present today.  I made it with three stencils and one of my favorite techniques--metal embossing.  Let me explain:
I started by running my Mosaic Swirls Stencil LJ 901 through my Cuttlebug using a blue cardstock.  The sandwich went like this:  A Plate, Stencil LJ 901 face down, cardstock (with alcohol sprayed on the back), the Details Embossing Mat, and two unwarped B Plates.  This became my background.
Next, I did the same thing with the LM 220 Gecko Stencil and blue coated Mercart aluminum instead of cardstock.  I used a piece that was larger than the stencil.  I placed that aluminum blue side face down on the stencil (which was also face down).
While the Cuttlebug was out, I did almost the same thing with LS 1009 Thank You stencil. I placed the stencil face up and the blue side of the aluminum up as well, because I wanted it to be "debossed". (Debossing is to push the metal into the wells instead of out through the wells.)  I left the metal on the stencil. 
Now that I had the basics done, I put the Cuttlebug aside.  I started with the gecko.  I placed it face down on a piece of suede.  I used the ball end of some Mercart ball end tools to push the metal out and create the three dimensional lizard.  It is sort of like sculpting.  I used the larger ball end in the body of the lizard, ball number 3 in the head, arms. legs and tail,  and the tiny ball from the outliner tool in the feet and toes.  After I thought the lizard looked pretty good, I flipped it over to work from the top on a smooth, flat surface.  I used an acrylic block to work on.  The only tool that can be used on the coated side of the aluminum is the teflon tool.  I used it to "outline" the lizard, pushing down the metals that were raised on my last step while defining the lizard.  I also used this time to flatten the edges of the stencil that were embossed by the Cuttlebug.  When the lizard looked great, I flipped it back over and filled it with the Mercart Metal Backing Paste.  I set the lizard aside to dry.
I then finished the debossing of the thank you.  I set the metal with the stencil still attached on the acrylic block.  I used the fine side of the teflon tool and pushed the metal a little more against the stencil, defining the word.  I then sanded the metal to remove the excess blue before I carefully took the metal off of the stencil. 
When the backing paste was dry (in a couple of hours or so), I placed the lizard on top of the Mosaic Swirls LJ 901 Stencil.  I used a drawing blending stump over the metal behind the lizard, creating the background.  I made sure to get the design over the whole area.  Finally, I sanded the whole thing, paying special attention to the lizard.  I then assembled the card.
As you can tell, I just love working with the metals.  You don't have to work with metals, though, to enter the Summer Fun Challenge this month.  All you have to do is make a card and either get it online and link it to the Dreamweaver Blog or just email it to Lynell. She will put it on her blog for you.  Her email address can be found on the blog.  You could WIN a fantastic stencil prize.  If you need some inspiration, check out all the other blogs (listed on the left of this blog).  Get inspired and come join in the Summer Fun!


  1. I love that you work in blues a lot, as do I. It's sometimes a real struggle for me to make jewelry b/c I reach for the blue palette first! I have to force myself into the amber/yellow/oranges.

  2. Your metal work is absolutely AMAZING! Truly an inspiration for me.

  3. OMG! It always amazes me what you can accomplish with these stencils! Absolutely beautiful! And the color is perfect!

  4. Oh, my! Laura this is absolutely stunning! Even the background panel was embossed. The texture is great, and your lizard turned out wonderfully puffy against the Mosaic Swirls. Magdalena would be so proud!

  5. love the gecko. it's so cool to stencil.