Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ummm--Black and White and a Pop of Color?

Well, I ALMOST follow the challenge this week.  Silver is a neutral, after all.  This week, I have a tutorial featured on the Paper Craft Planet site.  My subject is foil with the Double Glitter Technique.  Pam was generous enough to let me count this as my blog post this week.

Two unusual things have come together this week:  I took WAY TOO MANY step out pictures and I am featured on Paper Craft Planet this week.  So, since I REALLY want you to visit my blog there, I am going to try something new.  I am going to give you a photo posting this week.

1) Gather materials

2) Soap the back of the stencil

3) See the soap crumblies?

4) Remove them with a stencil brush

5) Put Double Sided Adhesive Paper on Soaped side of stencil

6) Foil has dull and shiny side

7) Place dull side down on adhesive

8) Rub on with finger

9) Run around edges with stylus

10) Peel off foil
11) Foil backing is clear

12) Pour on coordinating glitter

13) Rub in glitter--I like Art Glitter Microfine

14) Brush off excess glitter

15) Carefully remove paper from stencil

16) Pour on Crystal Art Glitter

17) Finished Background

18) Using first few steps, put butterfly on adhesive

19) This time, use lots of colors

20) It only takes color where there is none

21) So you can layer colors

22) Lots of colors

23) Add Black Fun Flock instead of glitter

24) Brush off excess--WELL!

25)  Remove from backing.  Here is where you add Crystal Glitter
Well, there it is--my never to be repeated photo tutorial.  For the real deal, you will have to go here.
Meanwhile, I hope you have been inspired.  Check out the rest of the team blogs and you will be.  Then make something Black and White with a Pop of Color (or something close to it...), post and link it to the Dream It Up Blog or email it to Lynell for your chance to win!


  1. Excellent tutorial on both the blog and PCP, Laura. And the butterfly's colors are stunning!

  2. Wow...great tutorial here...not one detail overlooked! And the white background and the black detailing done with flock...genius way of doing the challenge Laura! Very artistic...literally and symbolically!

  3. Wonderful use of Art Glitter and foil and stencils and WOW! GReat Job

  4. WOW! Incredible tutorial. Fantastic card. Love the foil on the butterfly.

  5. Your tutorial is fabulous, Laura! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this. That butterfly is stunning! I've been moderating a lot of comments for you from PCP. Great job! I'm going to add the link to PCP tutorial on the DW FB page.

  6. This is gorgeous Laura! You did an incredible job on your tutorial!

  7. Wonderful -- not only the card but your directions.

  8. WOW Laura not only is this a great card but your tutorial rocks. I so wish we lived closer to each other.