Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art Glitter Disney Memories

As you may already know, I am a huge Disney fan.   I love all the creative and artistic possibilities that Disney scrapbooking presents. Sometimes, though, I have a desire to break free of the scrapbook page and do something really different, with three dimensional possibilities.  That is when something like this Globecraft Memories Classic Grand Rectangle Bubble Frame is perfect! I created it with a picture from the "Wishes" fireworks show, and lots of Art Institute Glitter.

While you can't really see it in this picture, the castle has parts that are popped up. I started with two identical pictures.  I then cut the parts that I wanted popped up out of one of the pictures and placed them in the appropriate spots with black 3D Dots underneath them.  I used a little Designer Dries Clear Art Institute Glitter Glue where I wanted foil highlights (which you definitely can't see in these pictures).  I waited until it was clear and still tacky, then I applied Stampee Foil in blue, light blue, silver and gold.  I selected the color I wanted for an area, and placed the foil dull side down on top of the glue.  I pressed the foil lightly and removed it.  Then, I enhanced the fireworks.  I put Designer Dries Clear right on the photograph and applied the glitter.  The golden firework was enhanced with #338 King's Cup Ultrafine Opaque Hologram. The red was enhanced with #906 Carnelian Shard Vintage Glass.
The globe is created with several layers of a very durable chipboard-type material.  There are three separate pieces that make the whole project.  I will explain what I did on each from the top to the bottom.  For the "star level", I debossed (made the image imprint down, not raise up) the board with an older Lifestyle Crafts (Quickutz) embossing folder.  Then, I covered the whole thing with Distress Ink in Black Soot.  I filled the divots created by the embossing folder with Designer Dries Clear Glue and covered them with #124 Jet Eye Opaque Chunky Hologram
The blue layer was embossed with a Tim Holtz Embossing folder.  It was too large to do it in one pass, so I embossed it twice.  I painted it with Tim Holtz Sailboat Blue.  Then, I hit the raised parts with my Versamarker and covered it with Globecraft Sterling Silver Embossing Powder and heat embossed it. 
Assembly without the globe
 The bottom layer was created with Dreamweaver Stencils and the Double Glitter Technique.  I soaped the back of the LJ 886 Fireworks Stencil.  Then, I used a large Stencil brush to brush off the "crumblies" that it created.  I placed the soaped side of the stencil down on an exposed adhesive side of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  I then placed #333 Red Zone Opaque Hologram and #338 King's Cup Opaque Hologram Art Glitter on the fireworks and rubbed it in.  I brushed off the excess thoroughly.  I then put the whole thing stencil side down on my table and slowly peeled the adhesive paper off of it.  I covered the paper with #188 Black Vinyl Pearlescent Ultrafine Glitter.
I did this twice.  I also used the same technique to create the words from the LG 704 Birthday Words Stencil.  This time, I wanted the words to come out very crisp, so I used the Microfine Art Glitter in #508 Silver Moon Opaque.  The Microfine gets into all the fine details to make a beautiful edge.  I pushed the glitter down hard so that it stuck well and then brushed it twice before I removed the paper and added the Black Vinyl glitter.  I cut the fireworks glittered paper up and trimmed around the fireworks bursts.  I then strategically placed them around the outside of the chipboard.
The final touches came with the Tinkerbell.  I stamped her with dye ink and an old stamp.  Then, I cut around the fairy.  I colored her skin with Copic Markers.  I used the Ultrafine Metal Tip with Designer Dries Clear and Microfine Glitter to color the details.  Her clothing is #519 Reed Opaque Microfine and her hair is #702 Sunshine Microfine Transparent.  I used #100 Sea Shell Ultrafine Transparent for her wings.  I wasn't as worried about using the Microfine for this, because it is so sheer that I could put it completely over the area and not lose any of the stamp detail. When the glue was dry, I placed Designer Dries Clear on top of Tinkerbell and attached her to the globe itself.  Because it dries completely clear, there was no worry about it altering the colors that I had placed on the figure.  I used the Designer Dries Clear to create the "magic" at the end of her hand.  I used the Ultrafine Metal Tip and put glue directly onto the globe.  I poured #124 Jet Eye Opaque Chunky Hologram Glitter onto the glue.  I waited until it was completely dry before I brushed the excess off of the globe. 
While the Tinkerbell image is a little blurry, I hope she inspires you to add a little glittering magic into your life.  Be inspired.  Be creative.  I will catch you all next time!


  1. Great Project Laura!! You have captured the Magic!!

  2. Fantastic, Disney and Art Glitter, need I say more?

  3. What a cool project! It's so Disney!