Sunday, May 27, 2012

Connie Crystal Votive Candle Holder

I found this lovely votive holder at the dollar spot in Target and thought about how beautiful it could be for outdoor celebrations.  It just needed dressing up.  What better way to dress something up than a little crystal?
When making this project, I decided that I would make sure that it remained a functional votive holder.  I might even want to hang it.  Therefore, I chose not to put anything on the handle. 
I tried out using metal links, but wanted to see if I could dress it up and still keep it somewhat casual--like attire on vacation.  The metal just seemed a little too formal.  Instead, I used a combination of green colored hemp and a light green Scrapper's Floss.  The hemp was thicker, so I used it when I wanted to cover more area.  The Scrapper's Floss was useful to go through smaller holes and to add a little bright color. 
To create the project, I first removed the entire wire "collar" and handle from the glass.  It was easily accomplished, because there was a clip on the side.  I then made my hanging pieces using the floss.  I passed it through the Connie Crystal small drop (from the angels) and tied it about halfway down the thread.  Using the remaining floss, I strung the rest of the hanging bits.  I threaded and then knotted all the way up.  I included the disc on the two center pieces, and a crackly bead on the other four.  I also used the yellow beads that came in the Connie Crystal Yellow Theme Suncatcher.  On the top, I included cute little dragonfly charms, to give a nod to the outdoors. 
When the pieces were done, I tied them around the circle.  I then tied a light green fiber to the darker green and tied them both to the end of the circle.  I tied knots around the metal, occasionally adding beads or the flat discs.  When I reached a hanging piece, I tied that in.  When I finished, I just clipped the metal piece back in place. I honestly do not know the names of these knots or even the "proper" way to tie them.  I just went for it and had a blast!  Give it a try.


  1. Cute idea! It's definitely a great "summer fun in the sun" project especially if you put a citronella candle in there!

  2. Very pretty! I'll bet the light really dances off those gorgeous crystals!

  3. Very cute! And perfect for summer!!! I love the bright colors!