Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreamweaver and Twisted Sketches

Okay, so I don't know if this one qualifies as CAS, but I thought it was pretty simple (at least the Dreamweaver Stencils part).  I am super excited, because this is also my first post for my new design team position with Twisted Sketches.  (It is where the new blinkie leads, even if the blinkie itself doesn't seem to be scrolling correctly.)  Anyway, every week they post a sketch with a "twist" (this week's twist is Wish), and every two weeks I am responsible for a layout. 
This layout is about the "Wishes" fireworks show at Walt Disney World.  It is my absolute favorite fireworks show.  It has a storyline and a song which includes the lyrics "All your wishes will come true" and that line of the song kept running through my mind when I saw the twist. 
I followed the sketch pretty well.  It can be found here.  The stitching is from the Bazzill in Stitch'z template and the letters are Espresso (large) and Phoebe (small) from Lifestyle Crafts. 
Now for the exciting part--the handmade fireworks embellishments.  I used the Dreamweaver Stencil Fireworks LJ 886, Mercart metal in red and blue coated aluminum, the Mercart Teflon Tool, a sanding block, double sided adhesive paper, a pair of scissors and a blending stump (a cheap drawing tool).  Here are the simple steps:
1) Place color coated aluminum on top of the firework that you wish to create.
2) Gently rub the metal with the blending stump until you can see the edges of the firework.
3) Using the fine point of the teflon tool, you need to define the edges and "color" in the fireworks.
4) While the metal is still on the stencil, sand over the top to remove the color.
5) Remove the metal from the stencil.
6) Put the metal on one side of the double sided adhesive paper.
7) Trim around the outside of the firework embellishment.
8) Peel the backing off of the firework and attach--you are done!
So, that was simple enough, wasn't it?  If you have done something Clean and Simple with Dreamweaver Stencils or products, link it up to the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog for the chance to win some beautiful stencils.  In the meanwhile, go check out the posts of the rest of the team.  Get inspired, and create something beautiful!  I will see you next week!  Until then--may all your wishes come true...


  1. Laura, those Dreamweaver Stencils fireworks are are sooo clever!

  2. It is probably a CAS as you can get, may your dreams come true too! Dorothy

  3. Laura, the aluminum makes the fireworks FABULOUS!!! Congrats on the Twisted Stitches team!!

  4. Wow, love the fireworks. Makes me wish I was there!

  5. love love love this layout! love the fireworks! LOVE Disney Wonderful Job

  6. Wonderful layout, Laura! The fireworks turned out fabulous. I never would have thought to use that stencil with the metal.

  7. This is the Laura we know and love! Fabulous idea for the wishes theme!

  8. WOW this is truly a great layout I love that you did the fireworks with the metal. You know I love anything Disney especially fireworks. Hope your doing great wish you were closer roomie. Congrats on the twisted stitches team.

  9. Love this layout!! And wonderful pics of the castle! <3 <3 <3 Disney

  10. Love the fireworks made from metal. I have tried to do this for a layout I was doing but couldn't get the fireworks trimmed smoothly. I was wondering if you used special scissors?