Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clean and Simple Again

This month, the challenge at Dreamweaver Stencils is "Clean and Simple".  While not entirely my style, I am appreciating the "stretch" that this month is causing me.  Here is another "Clean and Simple" card.  This one is being done in an upcoming class, and is therefore VERY simple.  In fact, when I actually use this card, I am planning on stamping or pasting a sentiment to add to it.  Perhaps "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Father's Day".....
Anyway, here are the simple steps:
1) Using the LG 735 Necktie Stencil, run a piece of white cardstock through your manual die cutting machine.  You can use a Revolution, a Sizzix or a Vagabond, but I used my trusty Cuttlebug.  I layered it this way:  Plate B, Plate A, stencil face down, cardstock (lightly sprayed on the back with rubbing alcohol), Details Embossing Mat, and Plate B.  You should try for an unwarped B plate here, because a warped one could damage the stencil.
2)  Using the same configuration, run the Plaid Stencil LX 7002 through your machine with red coated aluminum.  I used the Mercart Aluminum.
3) Sand the aluminum with an ordinary sanding block.  This will reveal the silver stripes.  Wipe off the "dust".
4) Run the aluminum through the die cut machine with no stencil.  This will flatten your aluminum.
5) Place the Necktie Stencil on top of the aluminum and determine where you want the stripes.  Then, flip the whole thing over and gently rub with a drawing stump to determine where the edges are.  Use a tool with a dull point all around the edges.  I used the Mercart Teflon Tool. You can also see that I did this step twice, once for each section of the tie, so that I could get the stripes going in two different directions.
6) Remove the stencil and use an ordinary pair of sharp scissors to cut slightly outside of the edge line that you drew.
7) Glue to the appropriate embossed sections of the card.  I used the Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Glue, which I consider one of the finest glues around.  The only caution is that less is usually more with this glue, so don't use too much.

Speaking of less being more (something you don't hear from me often), my Clean and Simple card is done.  Now it is your turn.  Check out the rest of the blogs, get inspired and make something simple with Dreamweaver Stencils.  Put it anywhere on the web, and link it using the Mr. Linky on the Dream It Up Blog.  Then you can win great stencils!  Or you can email a photo of your creation to Lynell through the Dream It Up Blog and be a featured guest AND be eligible to win!  How's that?  Fantastic, I would say!  See you next week, with something else that is simple (maybe....)


  1. You are doing great with the CAS approach and I know how hard that must be. I love the tie it turned out great. I wished we lived closer so we could get together and play.

  2. You are rocking the CAS! and Love the stripes!

  3. Great card! Love the metal tie!!!

  4. Ohhh...this is very CAS Laura...VERY!!!! I think I might actually have time to make a few of these!

  5. Loving the red striped tie! Great CAS, Laura!

  6. Wait a minute!! No glitter?? Are you sure this is Laura's post! Just kidding, perfect CAS card, I love the stripes with the tie, and you always make metal look so easy.

  7. Laura I just ordered the Tie and am really excited to use it. Thank you for the inspiration. Your card is fantastic!! Your metal work is great!

  8. Great stencil and card for DAD! I need to get this stencil. I think it would be a great Zentangler.