Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Glitter Design Team Audition

A Glittering Little Mermaid Egg--Closed and Open
Here is my Art Glitter Design Team Audition.  I have been a guest designer for them before, and am really excited that they have decided to create a new design team.  Those who know me well understand that I just can't stay away from the glitter.  (Neither can my table, sofa or dog, apparently!!)
So, here is what I did, in as simple of terms as I can manage:

This is what I started with
1) Decide on location and sketch out door frame on paper maiche egg.  I used Dreamweaver Stencils Egg LG 670 to trace the door frame.
2)  Sketch out about a 1/4" outline both inside and outside door frame.  Do not remove any material from this area.
3) Determine where your 3D objects will go on egg and trace them.
4) Sketch design that you want to use on egg.  Make sure that some parts that you are keeping touch the outside of the 3D objects that you sketched.
5) Using a craft knife, cut out the insides of the "lace" on the design. Cut out the door.
6) Spray paint the egg, door, and 3D objects in a matte white.  To turn this white, it might take a few coats.  Let dry.
7) Use glue spray to spray the entire egg and door.  Then, dip in Art Glitter Ultrafine Crystal #85.  Let dry.
8) Pour some Designer Dries Clear glue on your craft sheet (you don't need much).  Get a small container of water and a small brush and "paint" the glue on your Ariel figure's flesh.
9) Cover the flesh with Art Glitter Microfine Transparent #717 Poupon.  This color won't wash out the skin tones.
10) Repeat step 8 and 9 for the dress in Crystal #85 and selected sections of the hair with Microfine Opaque #500 Ruby Red.
11) Use Designer Dries Clear Glue with the microfine tip on the end to place a fine bead of glue around the top of the dress, waist, wrist, and a small dot on both ears.
12) Use Art Glitter Pearlies to add jewelry.

13) Use the previously mentioned "painting" technique to add glitter to the 3D characters:  Ultrafine Opaque Hologram #336 Alien to the Sea Stars, Ultrafine Opaque Hologran #338 King's Cup to the Seahorses, Microfine Opaque #508 Silver Moon to the Dolphins, Vintage Glass Glitter # 912 Sunstone to the lobster and Vintage Glass Glitter #906 Carnelian to the crab.

 14) Place transparent green ribbon on the craft sheet. 
15)  Using Designer Dries Clear Fabric, water and a brush, cover the green ribbon with a light coat of glue.
16)  Cover the ribbon with Ultrafine Transparent Green Briar.  Let dry.
17) Using the Designer Dries Clear and the "painting" method, paint glue on the waves that you carved in small sections.
18)  Cover glue in Ultrafine Transparent #270 Chesapeake.
19)  Using Dries Clear and the fine tip, go over the wave sections to bring out areas that need refining.
20)  Cover with Ultrafine Opaque #30 Royale.
21)  Glue 3D objects into place with Dries Clear.
22)  Glue Ariel into shells and shells into place with Glue Dots.
23)  Create small wire ring for between the dolphin fins.
24)  Glue tips of noses, ring, and dolphin fins together with Glue Dots.
25)  Place hinge and mark holes.
26)  Cut out hinge holess with craft knife.
27)  Place hinge again and put brads through holes.
28)  Place egg on top of base (cheap bracelet).
29)  Glue dolphins, crab and lobster into place with a combination of Glue Dots and Designer Dries Clear.

YOU ARE DONE!  Yay!  And now you have a beautiful decorative, and (most importantly) glittering project!

Wish me luck with Art Glitter.  Here is a parting look at the other 3 sides: 
Thanks for looking, and see you again soon!


  1. You have got to kidding me! You cut all that openwork out by hand? Wow! The details are simply amazing! Puts my project to shame ... I'll gladly give you this one. You earned it! You go girl!

  2. Seriously? This is definitely a WOW project! I can't believe you cut out all that lace work, the openings for your creatures. I used to work at a craft store that featured eggery, and this is every bit as gorgeous as anything those ladies ever did. Crossing my fingers that you get in on the team!

  3. WOW this is sooo glittery! You did ALOT of work for that and I hope that you make the spot on the team!

  4. yeah. what Linda said. Oh My Word.