Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connie Crystal Design Team 2012 Audition

This is how it starts

 Here is my Connie Crystal Design Team Audition

 1)  Buy tinsel egg
 2) Cut the wire on the tinsel egg and remove the tinsel, exposing the frame
 3) Spray paint the frame silver.  I used Krylon Chrome Indoor/Outdoor
 4) Using glass paint, paint an image on Connie Crystal.  I used Delta
 5) Using 20 gauge wire and jump rings, string a few crystals
 6) Hang crystals from center of frame
 7) Using the 20 gauge wire, make large "S" shaped hooks
 8) Hang Connie Crystals from frame.  On the bottom and top, I used light blue crystals.  The second layer down was drops with a pearl.  The middle three sections were squares.  I left one center section free of the squares out of every three, so that my center piece would show.

Spray painted frame

 9) Wrap the posts that have nodules with alternating blue and white ribbon.  Leave PLENTY of extra ribbon at the top of the egg.
10)  Use a "Pandora Style" Connie Crystal to make the bottom of a ribbon flower.  Get a large tapestry needle to thread with ribbon and pull each of the 8 ribbons through the crystal.  Then, rethread a ribbon.  Hold a loop out of the crystal, and pull the ribbon back down through it.  Do this with each of the ribbons, the trim.
11)  Use the extra ribbon from the top to wrap aroun the bottom section of the egg and make bows

Finished Piece

Crystal Ribbon Flower

For the Box:  1) Select paper maiche box.  Spray paint silver
                     2) Place Connie Crystals on box lid.  Arrange and trace.
                     3) Cut out holes with a craft knife and set crystals in place
                     4) Secure crystals with Ranger Foil Tape
                     5)  Cover with Dreamweaver Embossing Paste, wipe crystals clean with a damp cloth.  Wait until paste is dry before proceeding.
                     6)  Paint paste with black acrylic paint.  Wait until dry.
                     7) Paint over the black with silver paint.  Don't be too careful, as you want it distressed looking.
                     8)  Scrape and remove parts and push into paste to distress.
                     9)  Clean off crystals with a damp cotton swab.

All taped up and ready to paste

Paste--looks like frosting!

Done with the paste

Finished side

All Done!

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