Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dreamweaver Sketch Week

Deborah made this week's sketch. Initially, it had me a little perplexed. What could I put in those arches? Then, I remembered an arched shaped stencil LG 639. I based my interpretation on that stencil.

I wish the photograph did it justice. This card was created with foils--a mix of Stampee and Creative Imaginations--and Art Glitter. First, I soaped the back of the stencil and placed it on the Double Sided Adhesive paper. Then, I trimmed around the outside of the stencil.

This is where I owe a shout out to my new friend, Julie Makela, the Australian Distributor of Dreamweaver. Without her great demonstrations at CHA, I would have NEVER thought of using foil with the double glitter paper. Of course, she did laugh at me when I gathered all the used bits of foil to take home with me. Julie, THIS is what I used them on.

I started with the darkest color, a purple, on the edges. For this first pass, I used just those remnant bits that were left on the backing. I pressed them down firmly with my fingers. I continued, lightening the colors as I worked inward, and making sure that I overlapped all of these bits, so the colors would blend into each other. After that initial pressing, I found larger areas of foil, pressed them near their coordinating colored edges, and pushed them down with the larger end of the small purple embossing tool. Then, I pressed foil right into the edges of the stencil with the smaller end. Finally, I took fresh sheets of foil and, finding the colored areas that coordinated, I rubbed over the whole area with the larger end of the big purple embossing tool. That covered all of the adhesive paper and did not use much of the foil. I then poured a blue colored pearl Art Glitter over it all and pressed it lightly with my fingers into the very small parts that I missed.

When all of the inside was finished, I turned it over and carefully removed the stencil from the adhesive paper. Then, I poured pearl white Art Glitter over the whole thing. I mounted the two windows on the black cardstock. I stamped a phrase from a company called Words Like Honey on some white/gold shimmer cardstock with Archival ink. I then mounted that on the black and added sheer white and blue ribbon. I trimmed around the windows and put it on plain white cardstock and trimmed the outside of the top windows.

It was missing something. Being that it was a Confirmation card, I decided that it needed a dove. Of course, this was last minute and I was not able to go to the store for a dove embellishment, so I made my own. I googled the picture, which is actually listed as a tatoo image by Bangbang Urdead, although to me it looks straight out of stained glass. Anyway, I downloaded this image, made a couple of changes, and printed it. Then, I mounted it on the back of my shimmery cardstock, cut it out, and adhered it to black carstock. I cut around it, attached it, and added a little Diamond Stickles. I was done.

I really enjoyed using the foil with the adhesive paper. If you are local, look for this technique to show up in my next class......... Until then, check out everyone else's interpretation of this sketch by clicking on the names listed under Dream Team. See you next week.


  1. So many gorgeous details, techniques and ideas, Laura! Wish I was close enough to come take your class.

  2. Wow...jaw This is gorgeous! Love the foils in the windows, and that dove was the perfect touch!

  3. Ditto everything that's already been said. It's gorgeous!

  4. Wow Laura, this is fabulous! You were right, the dove is the perfect finishing touch.

  5. Laura, I am so happy you were able to use the pieces I was prepared to throw away. You would be amazed at the people I know who love my trash!!! LOL.
    I love the card.

  6. Oh my GOODNESS Laura...SOOOO beautiful!