Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes--Free Week

It is another free challenge week at Dreamweaver, and this week, my card was inspired by a stamp. See, I was prowling a craft store, looking for sayings that would go with the fabulous new umbrella stencil, when I found this Inkadinkado stamp in the kiddie writing that said "Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms." The sentiment was written by Alyssa Knight, when she was 12, apparently. I didn't buy it at first, because, although I liked it, the rainbow part really had me wondering--how could I show it? Well, here is my resulting card, as well as the step by step instructions:

I found a way to create a rainbow rainbow using the new paste spreader LM 2010.
First, cut the cover sheet of a Double Sided Adhesive paper in half. Remove the top half of it, and replace a strip along the right side. Soap the back of the spreader, and position it so that it covers up to the top of the rainbow--where you want the sky to show through. Using the Double Glitter Technique, cover that upper left hand corner with blue Art Institute Glitter. Brush off the excess. Pick up the spreader, and scoot it down to rest under the first color of the rainbow. Be careful not to change the relative position of the spreader, because you want to make sure that the rainbow stripes are even across the arc.
Then, put red Art Institute Glitter on that stripe, brush it off, and move the spreader further down. Keep repeating this process, using the roygbiv colors that we all learned in elementary school, until you have a complete rainbow. The great thing about this technique, is that even if you get a little sloppy with the color that you are working on, as I did with the green in this photo, the current color will only stick to the adhesive paper that was just revealed. The parts that have already been covered with glitter just won't accept any more. Make sure that it is good and covered with glitter for each and every stripe. After you are finished with the rainbow, brush off the colors well, then remove the stencil anthadditional coverings from the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. Cover the entire thing with the sky blue that you used above the rainbow.

Then, position the umbrella stencil so that the umbrella reaches side to side and overlaps the rainbow. When you are sure that you have it right, tape sheets of paper all the way around the stencil. This way, you can be sure that none of the paste gets on any of the glitter that you worked on. Then, paste the umbrella with Glossy Black. You will need to work quickly and confidently to get it pasted well on all that fantastic glitter. Remove the stencil and set this aside to dry.

Meanwhile, get clear acetate and the Rain Stencil. Paste the stencil on the acetate using Pearlescent Paste, and tossing clear glitter onto the paste while it is still wet. After the paste is dry, brush off the excess glitter.

For the assembly, the Double Sided Adhesive gets adhered to the cardstock background. Then, the acetate overlay, which is attached with Glue Dots and brads. Finally, the ribbon and the popped up saying.

One last parting shot. I think it really shows the acetate


  1. Wow Laura...this is a really clever idea. That rainbow thingy you did is awesome. Then the glossy black pasted umbrella...Rain on acetate and even the perfect sentiment! Rain rain ...don't go away...

  2. I love this! Will definitely try it. Very clever idea on getting a rainbow.

  3. You have chosen WISELY! That is the card I would have done too and the step by step was great. Great talent and a great friend with good listening ears! WONDERFUL! May have to "steal" the idea for a class and give you all the credit! That is amazing!!!!

  4. WOW!! You did an incredible job, very creative use of the new spreader! Love it!

  5. Oh my goodness.....LOVE the rainbow!!!! This is awesome! FABULOUS!!

  6. Very clever way to create the rainbow you smart girl!

  7. Wow and wonderful! I love the rainbow.

  8. Really well done Laura. This is a great card.