Sunday, March 14, 2010

So In Love With My Silhouette

I am SO in love with my Silhouette again! Unfortunately, not my physical shape, but my die cut machine. I used it to cut the new Creative Imaginations wood paper AND to cut the new velvet paper (not sure of the company). For the Silhouette users out there, you need a Thick Media cutting mat. (They are about $21 for 2 in your local scrapbook store. ) You set the blade to cut thick media, click the "adjust settings" box and slide the Thickness slider (the bottom one) all the way to the right, the thickest setting, or 33. Ignore the yellow cap it shows, and use your pink blade cap. Then, cut as usual. It is beautiful. I am sorry for the flash in this picture, but you get the drift. What next? I betcha there is a way to cut some glitter paper. I just have to figure it out...........

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