Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Challenges of Life

My past several years have been a series of challenges: being unable to have children, my mother becoming ill, trying to save her life, losing that battle and trying to care about my life again. I would like to believe that I weathered those challenges to the best of my ability.
Now, childless and without my best friend, I find myself facing a new challenge-to live the life that I wanted, even without what I had expected. To that end, I have created this blog. What will I do with it? Who knows? I intend to use it for self expression, to post interesting artwork to share with whomever might stumble across it. I also intend to use it to enter challenges, large and small, to raise myself and my life to a new height. I care now, and I am ready for the (hopefully great)challenges that lie ahead.

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