Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fifth Thursday

On months with fifth Thursdays, the entire Dream Team is going to post, and this is our first fifth Thursday of the term.  In keeping with this month's Flora and Fauna team, I am posting an easy floral thank you card.
Here is how it was made.....

Dreamweaver Stencil LX 7024 Zen Flower
Dreamweaver Stencil LS 1009 Thank You
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Mercart Aluminum in Yellow
Mercart Basic Metal Tool Kit (or just Teflon Deer Foot Tool)
Color Solutions in Paprika Red
Color Solutions in Cosmo Pink
Large Stencil Brush
Fiberglass Erasing Brush (optional)
Cotton Swabs
Paper Towels
Sanding Block
Card Stock
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used a Cuttlebug)


1)  Cut the aluminum to the size of the stencil with scissors.  Cut for each stencil.

2)  Place the stencil face up on the base of your die cut machine and cover with aluminum, yellow side up.

 3)  Cover with the rubber embossing mat and your top mats.  For the Cuttlebug, it goes A Plate, stencil, metal, rubber mat, and two B Plates.

4)  Run through the machine.

5)  Leaving the stencil in place under the metal, use the Mercart Teflon Tool (in basic kit) to "sharpen" the edges of the stencil wells and "draw" lines in the petals.

 6)  Drop a drop of Paprika Red Color Solutions in each well, leaving the innermost ones empty.

 7)  Use a cotton swab to move the color around the well.

 8)  Blot off any excess color with the paper towel.


 9)  Repeat steps 6-8 using Cosmo Pink in the inside petals, leaving the very innermost circles yellow.  You can put a little pink in some of the red areas.

10)  Lightly sand over the top of the project.  You will be removing color from the outlines of the petals, the uppermost parts of the lines inside them, and the background.

 11)  You can use the fiberglass brush to clean out any additional areas that you would like to leave silver (OPTIONAL).

 12)  Use the brush to remove all the powder remaining from the sanding.

13)  Repeat steps 1-5 with the Thank You stencil, then sand well.

14)  Carefully remove the metal from the stencils and assemble the card.

I hope you enjoyed my Fifth Thursday post.  Check out the other posts this week and get inspired.  If you link up your Flora and Fauna creation to the Dream It Up! blog, you could win a prize.


  1. Wonderful tutorial Laura! I love the added detail to the petals.

  2. THUD! This is amazing. Love the technique and the shimmer and dimension it gives to this lovely stencil. AMAZING!

  3. Love the lines that you added to the petals. Nice texture and beautiful color!

  4. Stunning card! Thank you for showing the process.


  5. Laura ... this card is amazing, but then you and metal go together like peanut buteer and jelly or Mickey and Minnie. I love the texture you added to the flower. Let's go to Disneyland soon !!!!!

  6. Beeaaaauuutious Laura! Lots of handwork that really made this card special. Did you know Mercart now has lilac, purple and dark green metal? Teasing you, huh?

  7. Such a beautiful and amazing card, Laura!

  8. Beautiful Laura! I wish my metal work looked like yours!