Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wishing Lynell a Clean and Simple Happy Birthday

Did you know that we're celebrating the Queen's birthday this week? Well...the Queen of Stencils, Lynell Harlow, that is. Actually, her birthday is on Saturday, but we're surprising her by posting birthday cards in her honor today. Nothing like making you feel OLD sooner than necessary, right Lynell? You'll even see a few familiar names in our lineup, as some of the teaching team are whooping it up for her as well.
In addition to our birthday party, we are also beginning a new year and a new monthly challenge. In honor of all those resolutions we hope to achieve, our challenge is "Losing the Weight...AKA Clean and Simple (CAS)". If we all try really hard to simplify our design-work without losing our creativity, we can all say at the end of the month that we've lost some weight! Maybe not off of our waistlines, but at least off of our cards! Gotta start somewhere!
Although Clean and Simple is not my regular style, I am posting something easy.  All I did was run Medium Blue Coated Mercart Aluminum through my Cuttlebug with the Stamping Details Embossing Mat and two different stencils.  With stencil Vintage Decor LX7022, I placed the stencil face down and the metal blue side down.  With the Small Happy Birthday stencil LS1010, I place the stencil face up with the blue side up.  The embossing mat is on top of the metal in both cases.  When I removed the stencil from the machine, I pushed the metal in around the edges with my Mercart Telfon Tool.  Then, I sanded the Happy Birthday while the metal remained on the stencil.  I removed the vintage decor stencil and then sanded it.  
The background is Damask LX7001 run through the machine with white card stock and then lightly colored with the Splendor Inkpad and a Gold Handled Stencil Brush.  After that, it was simple assembly.

I hope you enjoyed Lynell's card.  Now, go check out the other birthday card posts this week, and, if you see her, don't forget to wish Lynell a great birthday!


  1. Thank you Laura for such a lovely card in such a beautiful color too! And you make it sound so simple. Lovely...happy New Year to you, I am hoping for a much better year.

  2. Ooooh, shiny! And in Lynell's favorite color as well. Love the subtle background!

  3. Just like Lynell, I like the color. Great card and definitely CAS!!!