Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Quick Candle Decoration

 Welcome to "Holidays in a Hurry"....of course, I did something a little different, but it could easily be used for a holiday gift.  I was actually thinking about all of those special events in the new year--weddings, anniversaries and parties.  This technique is super easy and would be a perfect party decoration.

Dreamweaver Stencil LL540 Heartweave
Mercart Metal in Black Coated Aluminum
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Manual Die Cut Machine
Heat Tool
Waxed Paper

1)  Run the stencil through the die cut machine with the aluminum and the embossing mat.  The Cuttlebug sandwich is Plate A, stencil face down, metal with the black side down, rubber embossing mat and two B Plates.
2)  Sand the embossed area on the metal to reveal the silver aluminum.
3)  Trim around the image.
4)  Position on the candle.

5)  Heat the metal and the area around it with a heat gun.

6)  Hold the metal in place and push in slightly with your pencil as you heat.  You can also use it to press down any parts that might raise up.

 7)  Place the waxed paper over the top of the metal and gently push down as evenly as possible.

 That is it!  I hope you enjoyed the idea. Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave a little love and stop by the other team members to see more creative ideas for "Holidays in a Hurry."


  1. As per usual...WAY COOL! Thanks for the details too, that really helps me visualize the process. Have a Merry one!

  2. Very pretty! Anyone would love to receive that candle as a gift. The metal plate is beautiful!

  3. Another great idea for any occasion!

  4. Great gift idea, Laura. Merry Christmas!

  5. Love your technique Laura! Works all year long too!