Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dreamweaver Summer, Sparklers and S'more Challenge

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  A new month means a new challenge over at Dreamweaver Stencils.  This month, it is Summer, Sparklers and S'more!  Don't forget to send a picture of a project to Lynell@Dreamweaver Stencils for your chance to win!  Oh, and speaking of winning, be sure to check out the Dream It Up Blog to see who won our Ranger Collaboration Blog Candy.  Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, by the way....I read and cherished all of them.
On to this week's project.  I was inspired by those Dry Stickles and decided to create another project with them.  This one is almost a reverse of the last one, starting, as it were with the embossing powder.  Let me show you.....
Dreamweaver Stencil LG 701 Carp
Dreamweaver Stencil LJ 838 Waves
Dreamweaver Gold Embossing Paste
Palette Knife
Removable Tape
Double Stick Mounting Paper
Handmade Hawaiian Soap
Large Stencil Brush
Ranger Clear Embossing Powder
Ranger Dry Stickles in Cinnamon
Ranger Dry Stickles in Gold
Ranger Dry Stickles in True Blue
Craft Sheet
Heat Gun
White Card Stock
Blue Card Stock
May Arts Ribbon

1)  Use the removable tape to place the carp stencil over the white card stock.  Tape it all the way around the stencil and directly onto your craft sheet.
2)  Use the palette knife to spread the gold embossing powder all the way down the stencil.
 3)  Remove the stencil carefully, using the tape one one side as a hinge.
 4)  Sprinkle the Cinnamon and the Gold Dry Stickles onto the embossing paste while it is still wet.  Then, let it dry completely.
 5)  While the fish are drying, rub the soap on the back of the wave stencil.
6)  Use the stencil brush to remove any "soap crumbles" that have accumulated against the stencil.
7)  Remove one side of the protective paper on the Double Stick Mounting Paper.
8)  Place the stencil SOAP SIDE DOWN on the exposed adhesive.
9)  Pour clear embossing powder over the stencil and rub in with your finger.
10)  Lightly tap the embossing powder off of the stencil.
11)  Flip the project upside down and carefully remove the paper from the stencil.  Keep the stencil flat on a smooth, hard surface while you do this.
 12)  Use the heat gun to melt the powder.
 13)  Pour the True Blue Stickles over the project.
 14)  Rub in with your finger.
 15)  Brush off the excess powders, revealing the white embossed areas beneath it.
16)  Trim around the now dry fish and assemble the card.
Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed the post.  Please visit the other team members to see what summery inspiration they might have for you.  Get inspired to make something summery yourself and don't forget to send it in!


  1. WOW!Beautiful!Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Cool card Laura! Love how you did the waves! Happy 4th!

  3. Another fun glitter card with embossing powder! Love the oolors!

  4. Wonderful card and tutorial Laura!

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  6. I am so impressed with that background ...must do mo with the embossing powders on the sticky paper. Thanks for showing these techniques.

  7. Very cool, esp. your background! Great combo of stencils.

  8. LOVE the koi! Fabulous mix of color!

  9. Very cool! I love Koi fish! Your card is awesome!

  10. What a beautiful card! I love that gold paste used to create those colorful carp. Really nice project.

  11. Gorgeousness all around with all the glitter!! Love it!!

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