Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Last Week of Frosty Fun

Welcome!  As 2012 comes to a close, so does the Dreamweaver Frosty Fun Challenge.  There is still time to enter and win a brand new stencil!  So new, in fact, that it won't be released until CHA!  All you have to do is interpret the Frosty Fun Theme any way you would like and email a photo to You could win!
Here is my interpretation of the theme for the week
It is another metal creation--this time Double Embossed.

Dreamweaver Stencil LJ 923 Mittens
Dreamweaver Stencil LJ 922 Christmas Borders
Mercart Beginners Tool Kit
Mercart Metal Tool ADWF Flat Squares
Mercart Green Coated Aluminum
Blending Stump #6
Mercart Embossed Metal Backing Paste
Large Acrylic Block
A Piece of Suede, about 5" x 7"
Sanding Block
Black Cardstock

1)  Place mitten stencil face down on a flat surface and put metal green side down on top of it.
2)  Rub back of metal with blending stump until you can see the edges around the design.
3)  Push on back of metal with Mercart teflon tool (in beginner kit) until the edges of the stencil design are well defined.
4)  Remove metal from stencil and place green side down on suede.
5)  Push out raised areas with the ball end of the cup and ball tool (in the beginner tool kit).  You may want to use the smaller ball for the tie areas.
6)  Flip metal over and place on acrylic block.
7)  Use the teflon coated tool to go all the way around the raised design, sharpening the edges and flattening any raised areas outside the design.
8)  When metal looks the way you like it, flip it back over and fill the wells with the Metal Backing Paste.  It squeezes in like paste and is self levelling, so it doesn't have to go on perfectly.  LET DRY.
9) After backing paste is dry (time varies depending on the weather and the depth of your mittens, but will be at least a couple of hours), flip project over and place on right side up Christmas Borders Stencil. 
10)  Rub the backing with blending stump to create texture on the background.
11)  Place project on the suede, and, working on the top, run the Flat Squares Wheel tool all around the border of the project.
12)  Sand the project to enhance the texture and raised areas.
13)  Adhere to black cardstock card.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into double embossing.  Check out all the blogs for inspiration, and create a little Frosty Fun!  Check back next week to find an all new challenge!  See you then!


  1. You are the metal queen! I love your metal creations, they are beautiful.

  2. Ditto what Lee said. Your metal work is tops!

  3. Your mittens are so puffy! When I try to make mine puffy they get really really "stroke heavy". How do you do this so beautifully?