Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Glam Witch Hat

Here is a quick, glamorous decoration for Halloween. 

A Witch Hat Decoration.  Mine was purchased at a craft store, and cost only one dollar.
18 Gauge Black Wire
20 Gauge Black Wire
1 Large Purple Jump Ring
2 Purple Connie Crystal Suncatchers
One Star Shaped Connie Crystal
2 Octagonal AB Connie Crystals
1 Oval AB Connie Crystal
Sheer Ribbon
Jewelry Making Round Pliers
Wire Cutters

1)  Cut an about 18" long piece of 18 gauge black wire.
2)  "Sew" wire around decoration.  You are reinforcing it.  I used the preexisting swirled seam as a guide.
3)  Determine the placement of the center row of beads.  Doing one complete bead at a time, make hole for it with your finger.

4)  Cut black 20 gauge wire and either string bead on it or make "S" shaped hook and pass through end depending on the hole in the bead.
5)  Hook wire into decoration and secure.  For center beads, make sure that the top of the bead is hooked over the support wire.  Also try and include that wire when possible in the other beads.
6)  Cut a 2-3" piece of black 20 gauge wire.  Make a loop in one end and close by twisting.
7)  Put a purple bead on wire next to loop.
8)  Place on top of hat, push into tip and make sure that you use the extra wire to twist around and secure.
9)  Cut another 2-3" piece of wire.  Pass through star and secure.
10)  Thread a couple more beads on wire and secure, leaving a large loop on the end.
11)  Use large purple jump ring to attach the last two pieces through those large loops.

12)  Place ribbon and tie.

So, that was a fun and easy Halloween decor project to add a little sparkle to your season.  While I am all into something scary, sometimes a girl needs a little glam.  So, get your sparkle going with Connie Crystal!