Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christmas Hearts in August--Woodware Blog Hop Day Four

All of this week, the Dream Team and the Woodware UK teams are celebrating the release of the new holiday designs from Dreamweaver Stencils. Of course, no celebration is complete without prizes...and there are some fabulous ones for those commenting on both sides of the "pond".

Each team will be providing the opportunity to win four prize packages of stencil designs, perfect for the holidays. Just leave your comments each day on each players' post as well as the Dream It Up! and Woodware UK blogs, and the Dreamweaver and Woodware Facebook pages. Two random commentors will be chosen from the batch of weekday posts, one each from the DW and WW Facebook pages, and from the big hop on Saturday...from each side of the pond!* That's a total of eight prize packages up for grabs! Here's what you could win:

My post today is very easy.  The Stencil does most of the work.  Here are the materials and directions:
Cardstock in brown and red
1)  Soap the back of the stencil
2)  Brush off the excess soap fragments that are stuck to the insides of the stencil
3)  Remove the paper from one side of the Double Sided Mounting Paper and place stencil on it, soap side down on the adhesive.
4)  Start with the Hot Pink Stampee Foil.  Place dull side down on top of the hearts. 
5)  Rub gently with fingers in the center of the heart. 
6)  Remove foil and replace with the red foil, also dull side down.
7)  Rub around the edge of hearts with the embossing tool.
8)  Apply colored glitter as follows:  Place a little glitter on the stencil near the area that you want the color.  Gently shove into the holes with finger and rub down a little.  I used Microfine Glitter to get into all of the tiny areas.
9)  Brush off the excess glitter. 
10)  Place a little gold glitter over the stencil and rub into ALL the holes--including the heart area.
11) Brush off excess glitter.  Be thorough.
12)  Carefully remove the paper from the stencil by placing the stencil face down on a flat surface and pulling the paper off while "walking" your fingers across the stencil to keep it flat.
13)  Cover the entire paper with the Ultrafine Crystal and brush off excess.
14)  Remove the paper from the other side of the Double Sided Mounting Paper to adhere to cardstock mat.
15)  Assemble card.
It was simple, really.  This card took very little time and made a complete picture with only one stencil.  Give it a try yourself!
Don't forget to leave me some holiday cheer as you move on to the other players for today:

Remember to follow along with the challenges on the Dream It Up! and Woodware UK blogs for more prize opportunities, and more crafty inspiration, as well as "liking" DW and WW on Facebook.
*Winners selected must be from USA/Canada/UK only.



  1. Your posts are always such a treat! Love your creativity!

  2. another technique to try with the foil and glitter together! Thanks Laura!

  3. What an unusual technique. Soap? WOW ... going to have to give this a try!

  4. This is such a pretty card and what a fun technique! You've done a great job!

  5. I am realy falling in love with this stencil the more I see it! Lovely

  6. Loved your card. It doesn't look easy.

  7. Gorgeous glittery card!! thanks for the steps on the how-to!

  8. So pretty. I didn't think the pine boughs would show, but they do! Love it!