Sunday, August 26, 2012

Connie Crystal Christmas

My post today features an ornament that I created for the Connie Crystal CHA booth.  Of the three ornaments featured in the booth, this was the easiest to create.  Let me give you the instructions:

One medium sized clear plastic Christmas ornament from your big box store
Assorted Connie Crystals.  I used several pieces from the Red Theme Suncatcher
Connie Crystal 20 mm Raindrops (6)
Connie Crystal 1.5 inch Teardrop.  If you purchase the suncatcher, use the one on that.
Clear or silver glass seed beads
The clear thread from the Suncatcher
Heavy Duty Thread in any color
Small hand sewing needle

1)  Remove the center metal piece from the ornament
2)  Using string from the suncatcher, make an insert for the ornament
3)  Tie the string up and through the center of the ornament.  Knot.
4)  Use the needle and thread to create a circle of beads that fits around the top of the ornament.  I like to make a pattern.  In this case, it alternates between red and white.  Close the loop.
5)  Count the number of beads you used to make the collar.  Divide this by six.  This will be the number of beads you will leave blank between each drop.
6) Pass the thread through part of the collar, and then start adding beads until you achieve the drop length that you want.  Finally, pass through the raindrop crystal and back up through the other beads.
7)  Continue in the pattern that you have chosen until you get all the way around the ornament.
You are done.  See how simple?
Here is a last picture of the ornament, taken outside (sorry about the aluminum siding), showing how sparkly the ornament is.  And the best part?  It is super shiney, thanks to the crystals, but less prone to breakage because it is made with plastic.  Personally, I like that the ornament seems to contain a magical world, thanks to the crystals in the center.

So, create a special ornament of your very own this year.  I have a larger, slightly more complex one featured on the Connie Crystal blog, which you can check out at  Hope to see you there!


  1. I just got ornaments like this too! Great!! :D I have made elaborate beaded swags for some ornaments, in the past but they take too long. This looks like it will take less time.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Very pretty! Your mind was never be on downtime!

  3. I made one today!!!!!!!!!! It came out great!!!

  4. So happy to read that Jo-Jo has tried this out and it worked for her! Congratulations!

  5. These are soooo coooool Laura! Love to see these crystal creations!