Sunday, June 24, 2012

Connie Crystal Bookmark

For this Connie Crystal post, I have created a special bookmark.  This would make a great gift and was fairly easy to assemble.  Let me tell you how I did it.
First, I found a lovely embroidered trim and a coordinating grosgrain ribbon at Joann.  I purchased a quarter yard of each, but really only needed about 10" of the trim and about 11" of the red grosgrain.  Of course, the size you make depends on the length of bookmark that you want. 
I ran the red ribbon (because it was slightly narrower) through my Xyron 1.5" Create-A-Sticker with permanent adhesive in it.  I attached it to the green trim, leaving about 1/2" ribbon on the top and the bottom.  Then, I folded the extra up twice and attached it with a little Art Institute Fabric Dries Clear Glue to the bottom of the trim.  I carefully sewed the red down with Kreinik Metallics Balger Cable 002P Gold, trying to follow the zig zag type pattern that was on the sides of the trim.  When I say carefully, I mean that I did not go all the way through to the back of the bookmark with my stitching.  I came directly from the bottom of the bookmark (out of the folded area) and in right over the top of the red, just stitching through the green trim.
Next, it became time to attach the beautiful Connie Crystals.  I used the same Balger Cable and knotted it, hiding the knot inside the fold.  I then did the top row.  I strung the small green crystal from the green suncatcher, a long crystal, and another green crystal.  I ran a quick stitch through the folded red, and ran it through the opposite way, making a double thread through the beads.  I ran this through the red fold and began to make my spacers by using hemp macrame stitches.  They were all what I believe is called half hitches.  Basically, I ran a loop around the two threads and caught it with my needle before it closed, making a knot around the threads.  I ran three or four of these on each side of the green crystals to create the spacing.  The last rows were made the same way.  I added the red bead from the Connie Crystal red suncatcher and a small drop from the bottom of the Connie Crystal red suncatcher.  There were 8 stitches on either side of the red bead.  That was it.  It took very little time to create this lovely gift.  Keep in mind that you could create this bookmark in any length you like and not add any time.  While I used crystals on only one side, you could easily add them on both sides.  You could make a personalized bookmark to add to any very special book.  Give it a try.  I will warn you, it is addictve (and reasonably priced when you make it with Connie Crystals!).

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  1. Very clever idea! I have a bunch of ribbon...i should make some of these bookmarks!