Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art Glitter and Dreamweaver Wedding Month

Welcome to the Art Glitter/Dreamweaver Stencil Cross promotion month. We have paired up with this wonderful company to show you how our glitter can be used with their beautiful and detailed stencils. All of our designers will be using the Double Glitter Technique! Check out the Dreamweaver Designers every Thursday! (Including me!)
You can find all their designers at http://www.dreamweaverstencils.blogspot.com/

Make sure and play along all month with this fun challenge. Remember to LINK to the Dreamweaver site to be eligible for 1 of 4 prize packages featuring stencils and glitter! You may even get your creation featured on Art Glitter's Blog!

I hope everyone will play along with this fun challenge. If you don't know how to do the Double Glitter Technique please head over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Foyo09lKpw4 to see Lynell Harlow demonstrate.
Also for the month of June Art Glitter is selling all 1 oz jars of ultrafine glitter for $5.98 regular price $7.32! Even if you don't play along with the challenge, you should take advantage of the great price of glitter in June! http://artglitter.com/

Here is my creation for today.  It follows both the Double Glitter Technique theme AND the Dreamweaver Wedding Theme for the month. 
I know that I love the look of a variety of glitter colors.  I think many people are intimidated by the idea because they are nervous about which colors to put together or maybe they don't want to purchase large containers of each color.  If that is your case, I have the solution in three simple words:  PEE WEE KITS!  Yep, an Art Glitter Pee Wee Kit consists of several small containers of coordinating colors.  No decisions necessary and no storage of big glitter containers.  It is what I used here.  All of the glitter is from the Elements Pee Wee Kit
Let's begin at the beginning.  First, I soaped up the back of stencil LJ 899 Petals Background.  I brushed off the "crumblies" of soap.  Then, I placed the stencil soaped side down on Dreamweaver Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  Then, I opened my Elements Pee Wee Kit.  I used the darkest colors first. Dark here is sort of a relative term, since all of these colors are transparent. I just sprinkled a very little of each color EXCEPT the clear white in various places over the open stencil.  Just a little, mind you.  Then, I pushed the glitter down on the background paper, starting on each clump of color and pushing out towards the other colors.  When I was done, I brushed off the excess.  See the mottling of color, particularly on the background?  That is because of the variety of colors I used.  It looks sort of vinatgey because the colors seem to fade in and out of the background.  I made sure there was glitter over all of it.  Then, I placed it stencil side down on a flat surface and carefully peeled the paper off of the stencil.  I poured the clear white glitter over the now exposed adhesive surfaces. 
I did the heart (stencil LL 318 Leaf Heart) the same way, but only used the four darkest colors.  I wanted the heart to appear a little more prominent, which I think you can see it is. 
After that, I attached the heart to plain white cardstock and cut around it.  I mounted both pieces on brown and cut around them.  A little brown ribbon went around the background and the ends through two holes on the heart that I punched with my Big Bite.  Then, the heart was popped up with 3D Dots, the ribbons tied and the card was complete!
Check out the other double glitter wedding card that I did with stencils.  It is completely different than this one, even though it was done with the same technique.  It is on the Art Glitter Blog today.
Then, come back and check out this site and all the Dreamweaver Designers on Thursday for more double glitter fun!  Play along and see what you can win!


  1. This is so pretty!! I love the variations of color!

  2. Such a pretty card Laura...and love the way you fastened the heart with the ribbon (clever clever clever).

  3. so very pretty! and Lynell is right - that is a clever way to attach the heart!