Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Flower Cards With One Terrific Stencil

This is the last post for the Dreamweaver Flowers Challenge, and I had a little dilemma.  I had two cards with one of my FAVORITE stencils (LL 3023 Tall Poppy) and couldn't decide which to post.  So, I decided to post both of them.  Two techniques with the same stencil and even the same colors.  Here is how they are done.
CARD 1:  The Metal Look
1)  Run the stencil LL 3023 through your manual die cutting machine with Mercart Green Coated Aluminum.  You are DEBOSSING, so the metal goes on top of the stencil with the green side up.  Here is my Cuttlebug sandwich:  Plate A, Plate B, Stencil face up, Metal green side up, Dreamweaver Details Embossing Mat, Plate B.  Leave the metal on the stencil and set aside.
2) Follow step one again, but with white cardstock (spritzed lightly with rubbing alcohol on the back) and Stencil LX 7002 Plaid.  Be careful to run this one through with the stripes perpendicular to the opening and right in the middle of the plate.  This one will sometimes bend if you are not careful.
3) Go back to the metal piece.  Use a Mercart Double Teflon Tool to refine the interior edges of the metal, pressing them against the stencil.  Use a couple of drops of Alcohol or Alcohol Blending Solution inside the main parts of the flower to remove the green from those areas.  Dab lightly with a paper towel.
4)  Drop Alcohol Inks into the wells that should be relatively clean of the green.  Use whatever colors you like.  Let dry for a few moments.  With the stencil still attached, sand all the color from the background. 
5)  Assemble the card.

CARD 2: Foils and Metallic
1)  Place Stencil LL 3023 Tall Poppies on a piece of ivory cardstock.  Tape down with removable tape all the way around the stencil.
2)  Using the Paste Spreader LM 2010 and the Green Glossy Embossing Paste, emboss the image. 
3)  Remove the stencil and sprinkle with Metallic FX in 10 Kiwi and 11 Ivy Garden.  Set aside to dry.  Do NOT wipe clean until it is completely dry.
4)  Soap the back of the Thank You Stencil LS 1009 to create a resist.  I use the Dreamweaver Handmade Hawaiian Soap because I can just apply it dry and do not have to adjust the amount of water that I add. 
5)  Brush the "Crumblies" off of the stencil (this part you will know when you see).  Attach to the Double Sided Adhesive Paper soaped side down.
6)  Pour glitter on the words.  I used Art Institute Glitter in Microfine 500 Ruby Red.  I love using the Microfine Glitter on detailed portions, because it makes them look so beautifully crisp.  Rub it in with your finger, then use a large, clean stencil brush to remove any excess glitter.  Brush it a couple of times just to be sure.
7)  Place the whole thing stencil side down and carefully remove the adhesive paper from the stencil.  Leave the stencil on a flat surface and walk your fingers along it to make sure that the stencil lays flat.
8) Pour glitter over the top.  I used Art Institute Ultrafine Transparent in 197 Flax, which created a lovely light ecru color.
9)  When the paste is dry, rub it with a Swiffer Refill Sheet to remove all of the excess Metallic FX Powder.
10)  Place glue over the parts that you want to be red.  You should apply it lightly and carefully.  I used Art Institute Designer Dries Clear Glue with the Ultrafine Metal Tip.  Wait for it to dry until it looks clear.
11)  Once glue is clear and still tacky, place red Stampee Foil over the top of it.  Be sure to lay it dull side down.  Give it a slight rub and pull it off.
12)  Squeeze Buttercup Liquid Pearls on top of the seed area of the flower.  Let dry.
13)   Assemble the card.
Both cards done!  Which was your favorite?  I am not sure which I like better.  I can tell you though that you should definitely enter the Dreamweaver Flowers Challenge.  You have until the end of the month to make a floral card and post it somewhere online.  Then, just link it to the Mr. Linky in the Dream It Up Blog.  Too complicated?  Email a picture.  You can find the info on that blog as well.  If you do, you are eligible to win wonderful stencilling prizes! 
In the meantime, check out the other blogs this week.  Also, if you scroll down a little, you will find the Connie Crystal Post which also uses a Dreamweaver Stencil AND last week's post which was scheduled to go on time, but somehow got messed up by Blogger.  Get inspired.  Enter the flower competition.  You have nothing to lose!


  1. Both of your cards are amazing!!! I am currently in love with the Tall Poppy stencil as well. I hope you're well Laura!!!

  2. Green/Red/White but not Christmas, it still works! The polka dot green ribbon just pops... awesome!

  3. These are both amazing cards Laura! So many wonderful details in each creation too! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  4. Both cards are really neat thank you for the detailed instructions. I bookmarked this post because it's on my to do list (well, my wish list