Thursday, April 5, 2012

April is Dreamweaver Flower Month!

The challenge for April at Dreamweaver is flowers.  Here is a very CAS version of that challenge. I started with this older piece of Basic Grey paper.  I think it was from the Green at Heart Collection.  I immediately noticed the similarity between the flowers on the paper and the Dreamweaver LL 3024 Cherry Blossom.  I knew immediately what I needed to do.
Here are the very simple instructions:
1) Soap up the back of Dreamweaver Cherry Blossom Stencil LL 3024.  There should be a cloudiness over the back of the stencil when you are finished.
2) Using a large stencil brush, brush off any "crumblies" of soap that are attached to the stencil.
3) Reveal one of the two stickly sides of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  Place stencil soap side down on it.
4) Trim the adhesive paper a little closer to the stencil so as not to use too much glitter.
5) Pour glitter over stencil and rub in lightly with finger. I used Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque #58 Brown, which is a beautiful brown with some reddish brown undertones.  It was perfect for this project.  It is important to use an opaque glitter on this step to provide contrast with the background.
6) Using large stencil brush again, gently brush excess glitter off.  When you think it is clean, brush it one more time to be sure.
7) Turn the project stencil side down on your table.  Carefully peel the paper off of the stencil.  Walk your fingers along the stencil as you remove the paper to keep the stencil flat, so it doesn't bend.
8) Put the glitter over the newly revealed adhesive. I used two different colors:  Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent #196 Lion's Mane and Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent #304 Petal Pink.  I put a small pinch of each color in different areas to keep it pure there.  Then, I used my finger to push the colors towards each other.  While it is difficult to see in the photo, using the two colors of transparent gives it a beautifully modulated, delicate effect.
9) Trim around the design, leaving an outline of the original color.
10) Remove the backing and adhere to card.

So, there it is.  Clean and simple as well as floral.  Yours doesn't have to be CAS, but should be floral.  First, check out the other blogs this week, and get inspired.  Then, make something with a flower, take a photo, get it online, and link it up to the Dreamweaver Stencil blog.  You could win wonderful prizes.
Oh, and speaking of wonderful prizes, there will be some extra ones given out next week.  The Dreamweaver Team is SO excited to be playing with Stampendous Products for a special week long extravaganza!  It will culminate in a huge hop next Saturday.  Come check it all out starting on Monday!


  1. So pretty Laura! I used a cherry blossom too, just the smaller version.

  2. This is beautiful Laura! I love the colors of glitter that you used as well. I never would have thought of using two glitters on the flower but it really is a wonderful mixture!

  3. OMG, where did you find that perfect paper to go with this stencil? Love the colors and sparkle.

  4. super cool! Love the matching paper! you rock!!!

  5. A beautiful spring card. I hope you have a Happy Easter Laura. My Silhouette Cameo will arrive on Tuesday!! I may be calling!

  6. I've been trying to get inspired on how to use that flower. You did a great job. Thank you!!