Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentine Challenge and One Stencil Four Ways

This year, we have new, monthly challenges. This month, the challenge is Valentine's Day. YOU have the whole month to come up with an answer to that challenge (a card, a decor object, a scrapbook page, or anything else that your heart can imagine) and link it to the Dream It Up! blog. There is a Mr. Linky on the bottom, so you should post your creation somewhere (blog, gallery, Snapfish, whatever), copy that site into the Mr. Linky and you are done! The best part? We are giving away TWO prizes--one for the most creative project (which may or may not be Dreamweaver related) and the other for the best use of Dreamweaver products. You have until January 31st at 11:59 PM EST, so get busy! The winners will be announced Feb 2nd.
So, about now you are thinking, geez, I would love to enter, but I only have one or two stencils, and I have used those before. I say, "No excuse!" I offer to you four different ways to use one (or two) stencils. These are in classes of I am teaching, and they feature LL 567 Heart Swirls.

EXAMPLE 1: Easy Metals
This one you have seen before. It was part of last week's post. The heart was created by running the stencil through my Cuttlebug with a Details Mat and Black Coated Aluminum. Then, it was sanded so that the silver color showed through. The background was created almost the same way, but instead of aluminum, I used Core'dinations cardstock. I spritzed the back with a little rubbing alcohol before I ran it through to sort of loosen the fibers of the paper. I used the large LX 7001 Damask Stencil. I distressed the edges of the paper and mounted it all. That was it. This card is part of my class at My Craft Room in Troy, MI this Saturday morning.

EXAMPLE 2: Double Glitter
This is a very easy, quick and fun technique. First, I soaped the back of the stencil to create a slight resist. (This makes it easy to remove from the Adhesive Paper later). I brushed off the "crumblies" created by the soap. I then removed one side of the backing on the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. I placed the stencil soap side down on the sticky side of the adhesive paper. I covered the entire thing with gold Art Glitter. (It doesn't have to be Art Glitter, but that is my favorite.) I tapped and then brushed the excess glitter off very well. I placed the whole thing stencil side down and carefully removed the paper, keeping the stencil flat on the table by "walking" my fingers along it. I poured crystal glitter over the whole thing. Then, I added the gems. The background on this one was made the same way as the last--I ran it through the Cuttlebug after spritzing the paper with a little alcohol. I didn't sand this one. I used the Plaid Stencil LX 7002. I am teaching this card in Jackson at Altered Art Addicts on Saturday, February 4th. (Of course, there are a few more cards with this, and I will post them later this month.)

EXAMPLE 3: Shiva Oil Sticks

For this example, I used black cardstock and Silver Shiva Oil Stick. These sticks are pure oil paint, so you have to remove the film with your fingernail before you begin. I did that, and then rubbed the newly exposed section on waxed paper to create a palette. I taped the stencil down with removable tape. Then, I used a stencil brush to pick up paint from the palette. I rubbed it around over the stencil to create the color on the black background. When it was all colored, I gently wiped the top of the stencil. Then, I used transluscent paste and a spatula to paste over the oil colors. Without the paste, the oil colors would take a long time to dry. The paste creates a barrier when it dries, which allows you to touch those colors. The bonus? While the paste is still wet, you can put the gems in it and they will stick. I am teaching this card in a class in Flint at Capture a Memory on Sunday, February 5th.

EXAMPLE 4: Double Glitter with Foil and Flock
The technique on this card is almost identical to that on the Double Glitter Card. I soaped up the back of the stencil. Then, I attached it to the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. This time, I used silver foil instead of just glitter. The foil that I used is NOT the Gold Leaf Foil, which is gorgeous, but must be used a little differently. This is the Stampee type foil, with the acetate backing. You use this foil by rubbing it, dull side down on something really sticky. You can use a glue pad, glue pen, glue powder or, as in this case, Double Sided Adhesive Paper. I put this foil (dull side down) on the open spaces of the stencil. First, I rubbed a little with my finger, and then I pushed it down the best I could with an Embossing Stylus. I pulled the foil backing up. Then, I used silver glitter to fill in the blanks. I brushed off the excess, turned the whole thing over and carefully peeled the paper off of the stencil. Then, instead of flooding the it with glitter, I used Stampendous Fun Flock in dark purple. The only tricky bit with the fun flock is to make sure that you use PLENTY ( Its okay, the stuff multiplies). Push down hard when you apply it to make it very plush. That's it. Easy, really. I am teaching this card as part of a class at the Stamp Peddler in Northville, MI on Saturday, January 21st.
So, now that you have seen a few different ways to use a single stencil, perhaps you should get that one you own out and create something for our challenge. Not enough inspiration? Well, take a look at the other Dreamweaver Team names on the left side of my blog. Visit them, too, and get inspired! I'll see you next week.....


  1. YOUR AWESOME Laura!! I also love that you love this the Swirly Heart stencil also!!!

  2. Wishing I were close enough to take your classes Laura! Be sure to tell your students to read your blog regularly...they will learn so much!

  3. wow! You went all out and they are all gorgeous! My fav is the purple!

  4. I want to take your class! Love the glitter and sparkly and romantic! Thanks for sharing all of these great Valentines!

  5. Great collection of cards, you are a very ambitious woman!

  6. One stencil four ways is the perfect way to introduce newcomers to stenciling. I'm sure your students will come back for more as I know you're a great teacher.

  7. These are really gorgeous Laura I can't wait to talk with you at CHA and pick your very creative mind. I do so love glitter !!! See you soon roomie.