Friday, December 4, 2015

Patty PopOns Puzzle Project


Thanks for joining me for the Patty Pop Ons Blog Hop. Of course, being that this is a blog hop, we have PRIZES:

THREE prize packages that include a surprise Stampendous Cling Stamp Set PLUS a full 12-piece set of puzzle pieces with hook fasteners included so you can pop on your puzzle pieces practically anywhere! The deadline to comment is Sunday December 6th at 11:59 pm PST. See our official contest rules for details.Stampendous Blog
As for my project, I had a tough time deciding what to do, until this week.  I was subbing in a room that I have worked in a few times.  It was a classroom for cognitively challenged adults, and it is filled with joy and enthusiasm.  We were working on a puzzle, but it was a little too difficult for many of the students.  The Patty Pop Ons Puzzles are easy to hold, assemble (they all fit into each other) and can be done in the short amount of free time available in some of these programs.  Therefore, I decided to use this as a regular puzzle--something that I can give them for the holidays when I sub there again next week.  Here is the project:
 It was very simple.  I wanted it to be appropriate for the winter holidays, and something that, while it actually had only one correct way to go together, would still look good if many of the pieces were not in quite the right place.  These snowflake sections will still look okay even if they are rearranged.  Here is how I created this easy project:

Snowflake Sky Stamp R234
Crystal Angel Stamp R236
Patty Pop Ons Puzzle
Stayzon Azure Blue
Stayzon Midnight Blue
Stayzon Cleaner
Heat Tool
Ultra Fine Sharpies in various colors
Beacon Felt Glue


1)  Attach the Snowflake Sky Stamp onto the large acrylic handle and ink with the Azure Stayzon.
2)  Heat the area that you want to stamp with the heat tool.
3)  Stamp the image and repeat steps 1-3 until you have created a frame around the puzzle.  There will be a little overlap.
4)  Attach the Crystal Angel Stamp onto the acrylic handle and ink with the Midnight Blue Stayzon.
5)  Heat the center of the puzzle and stamp the image.
6)  Let the images dry.
7)  Use the Stayzon Ink Cleaner on the stamps.
8)  Color the image with the Sharpies.  I chose the Sharpies because even though they will lift some of the Stayzon Ink, the color will stay on the foam.  Also, I was less concerned with the possibility of damaging my Sharpies that I would have been about damaging more expensive markers.  The light purple really raised quite a bit of that Azure color, but I actually liked the blended look on that color.
9)  Use the felt glue on the inside showflake and cover with glitter.  Let dry.  I didn't want to include tons of glitter on this, as I do not want to annoy the teacher in that room.

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  1. STUNNING!!! LOVE how the Crystal Angel appears to be so tiny against the snowflakes!!!! Awesome colors too! TFS!

  2. What a wonderful idea for this class! I think they will like it.