Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to the Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Challenge

Well, we had quite a bit of excitement with that fun blog hop, didn't we?  But, lest you forget, this month at Dreamweaver Stencils the challenge is, "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue", with the obvious thought being a wedding theme...but not necessarily. Add an old embellishment or picture. Use a new stencil design or technique. Borrow, or CASE (copy and say everything) another designers project, and obviously, blue. Where will YOUR creative process take you for this month? We'd love to see! And remember, linking your creations with the Inklinkz tool at the end of the team posts, provides you with the opportunity to win the stencil of your choice! Here's what I've created for this week...
Once again, I used two of the four words: old and blue.  The project itself is actually an older one that I had never posted.  The card is both literally blue, and a little figuratively blue.  After all, when it rains it pours is really all about how sometimes things just go wrong at once, making you blue. When you consider all the possibilities, it is very easy to do this challenge.  Lets take a look at what I did.

Dreamweaver LJ 905 Rain Stencil
Dreamweaver LG 737 Umbrella Stencil
Dreamweaver LG 738 Rain Words Stencil
Dreamweaver LJ 817 Leopard Skin Stencil
Embossing Paste in Pearlescent, Silver, Matte Black and Glossy White
Palette Knife
Removable Tape
Dreamweaver LM 2010 Paste Spreader
Mirror Finish Pink Card Stock (yes, it is a pink umbrella)
Dark Blue. Light Blue, and White Card Stock
Crystal Glitter
Walnut Stain Distress Ink
3D Dots
Glue Dots
2 White Brads
Craft Knife
1)  You need to use embossing paste on various parts, but the procedure is the same.  First, tape the stencil face up over the card stock you are using.  Be sure to start by taping one side all the way across to use as a "hinge".  Then, tape all the way around the stencil.  You will be using the removable tape.  Use the palette knife to remove embossing paste from the jar and put it on the paste spreader.  The spreader acts almost like a squeegee to run the paste over the stencil.  Finally, you need to remove the stencil, being sure to "open" it from the paper with the hinge you created.  Let it dry completely. 
You will be using Black Matte Paste with the Leopard Stencil on the pink mirror card stock.
The White Glossy goes over the Rain Words Stencil on the dark blue card stock.
The Silver Paste goes on the light blue card stock with the Umbrella Stencil
The Pearlescent Paste is used with the Rain Stencil on the acetate--AND before it dries, you should sprinkle the crystal glitter on it.
2)  Once all the pieces are pasted and dry, gently flip the pink card stock over and trace the top part of the Umbrella Stencil wrong side up on the back of the card stock.  Cut it out and adhere the umbrella pieces in place on top of the embossing.
3)  Position the acetate piece over the card.  Use a craft knife to cut the acetate so that it fits on the bottom of the umbrella.  Also use the craft knife around selected rain drops so that they appear to be striking the top of the umbrella.  Adhere with glue dots strategically placed under rain drops.  You can see the results of this step and the actual look of the mirrored card stock here:
4)  Cut around the words and distress the edges with ink.  Place on 3D Dots and put around umbrella handle.

5)  Add brads.

6)  Adhere light blue card stock to white card stock and place the ribbon.

Please don't be intimidated by all the ingredients and steps on this one.  It is merely meant as inspiration and to show you a few surfaces and various types of embossing paste.

One more glimpse:
And, off to the other team member to get a little inspiration.  Then, be sure to link up your creations for a chance to win.


  1. Wow...this turned out wonderfully. Love how you added the umbrella with the stenciled raindrops all around. Awesome job.

  2. I'm still giggling over the hot pink leopard print umbrella! I love it! This is such a cool card and boy is there a lot of truth to the sentiment. I'm experiencing that right now!

  3. I LOVE this creation, reminds me of Jennifer's leopard print umbrella story! Your's is VERY stylish dahling!...loving the fuchsia colored background and the acetate with raindrops it all!

  4. Great card Laura, and I agree, it does seem "When it rains, it pours!".

  5. Laura love the card, and the pink leopard print umbrella. Hope you are doing wel rookie.

  6. Who could be having a blue day with an umbrella as unique as this one? Just wonderful, Laura!