Monday, May 20, 2013

A Unique Piece of Jewelry!

Today, I am featuring a truly unique piece of jewelry.  My niece just LOVES One Direction and, in particular, Harry Styles.  I created this necklace for her.
It was actually pretty easy with Globecraft Supplies.  Here is how it was done:

Vintage Flourish Charm Set
Metallic Silver 3D Enamel Gel
Piccolo Instant Cure UV Resin
Black Satin-Like Necklace
Silver Bail
One Direction Trading Cards (or a picture of your subject)
Paint Brush
Big Bite or another Hole Punch
Manicurist UV Machine or Bright Sunlight

1)  Chose the picture that you would like to use.
2)  Remove the shape you would like to use from the board.  I thought I was going to use the heart.  Later, I changed my mind.
3)  Use the hole created by the removal of the shape as a mask to determine where you will need to cut the picture.
4)  When you choose the shape of the image you want, and you like the cropping, trace it with a pencil.
5)  Remove the mask and use scissors to cut out the image.
6)  Use a little Glastique on the book board and lightly press the image in place.
7) Punch the hole where you need it.
8)  Use the Metallic Silver 3D Enamel Gel around the edges of the image.  It will cover any cutting mistakes you made and help hide things in the background, like the other boy's hand in my case.  Don't forget to cover the back of the project when the front is dry. (I made a little surprise for the back, too.)
9)  When the Gel is completely dry, squeeze the UV Resin over the whole front of the project.  Use a brush to even out any spots if you need to.
10)  Cure for three minutes in the manicure machine or the direct sunlight.
11)  Flip project over and repeat steps 9 and 10.
Here is the little surprise that I made for the back.  I used the same technique, but the logo was from a different one of the trading cards.  The entire area around the logo was colored with the Silver 3D Enamel Gel.
If you enjoyed this project, be sure and stop by the Globecraft Blog and check out my other project, including a salute to the Red Wings.  Here is a peek.


  1. I bet your niece just love this! great project and it's looks easy enough for kids to do on their own too!

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