Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simple Sunflowers

Today's card is a simple one.  That is right--a SIMPLE card.  I used only one stencil--LJ 902 Black Eyed Susan.   I also used the very versatile Matte Paste.  Did you know that it takes paste very well?  Here is how it was done:

 1)  Tape the Stencil LJ 902 Black Eyed Susan with Removable Tape over some slightly printed blue paper.  Make sure that you tape it all the way around.
2)  Use the LM 2010 Paste Spreader to pull Matte Yellow Embossing Paste over the stencil.
3)  Remove the stencil and let dry.
4)  Put glue over the top of the stems and leaves.
5)  Let glue dry until it is tacky.  Then, push green flocking over the top of the glue.  Let dry completely.
6)  Brush off flock.
7)  Place glue through the centers of the flowers and attach brown seed beads.
8)  Use a craft knife to cut on both sides of one of the flowers.
9)  Thread raffia through the flower, tie, and make a bow.

That is it!  Simple, indeed.  It even falls under this month's challenge--A Blooming Spring.  If you make anything that fits this challenge, photograph it and send it to  You could win this month's prize! Give it a try.


  1. Very cute! Makes you wish summer were here in Michigan already!

  2. Makes me realize that I need to emphasize that the regular paste is great for stenciling with inks...Beautiful card Laura!

  3. Simple! And lovely too! I like different elements you used to add color and texture.

  4. So bright and cheery! I love it!!!

  5. Great card Laura! I like the yellow paste with this, very pretty!

  6. LAura as always you rocked this card. Love the colors.

  7. LOVE it! I haven;t tried flocking on top of stencils yet... cool!

  8. Love this! Very beautiful design.

  9. Great texture with the seed beads. Love the contrast of blue and yellow!

  10. Great pretty!