Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Fan Embellishment

This week, I will be using the "Blooming Spring" theme to bring you a scrapbook embellishment--the flowery fan.  It is so easy to do with stencils.  Let me show you how.
First, flip over stencil LG 644 Cherry Blossoms on a piece of paper towel.  Then, spray it with any of your scrapbook sprays.  I used Creative Imaginations Radiant Rain.  You could even spray a couple of different colors.
Then, place the stencil and paper towel on the base of your manual die cut machine.  Add a piece of white card stock on top of the sprayed stencil.  Follow it with the Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat and cover it with the cutting mats for your die cut machine.  I used my Cuttlebug, and the sandwich is: A Plate, paper towel, stencil (spray side up), white card stock, Stamping Details mat, and two B Plates.  Run it through the machine and set aside.

Run a piece of plain card stock through the machine with the LJ 903 Large Open Fan Stencil and the same sandwich you used before (minus the paper towel).  Leave the stencil attached, and use a stencil brush and pigment or distress ink to add a little color to the blades.
Remove the stencil, and place it on the cherry blossom imprinted card stock.  Center it until the fan falls where you like it, and then send it through the machine.
Remove the stencil and card stock from the machine and flip it over.  Use an Embossing Tool to run around the edges of the fan and enhance them a little.  (This step is not entirely necessary, but it does make the cutting easier.
Cut around the embossed fan area.
Adhere to the embossed white card stock and then cut out that fan as well and you are done.  I added letters for a title with a die cut font that I had.  (By the way, I used some of the extra embossed card stock to punch out the Mickey Ears on the bottom of the page.)

I hope you had fun learning how EASY this is to do!  You could make anything.  Speaking of possibilities, try playing alone with our challenge to win some stencils for yourself.  Just make something "Blooming" and send a photograph to and you could win!
In a major announcement, Dreamweaver has selected a new design team.  I am thrilled to say that I am back on.  Check out the Dream It Up blog to see everyone.


  1. Great technique Laura, love how that fan turned out! Fun page too!

  2. Great technique and that color is amazing!

  3. Beautiful! I love your scrapbook pages. So full of life.

  4. i like this a lot..where are your other 5 projects

  5. Beautiful page and how made the fan is so creative!!

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