Thursday, February 23, 2012

That project I promised you....

Here it is--that big project that I promised you. It falls in the challenge cateogory for the month. It is green. It is also a little Scottish, a little jewelry, and a lot easier than it looks.
For this one, I am going to give a complete supplies and materials lists and a step by step. I'll prove that it isn't difficult, just a little time consuming.
SUPPLIES: Stencils: Cameo LL 3017, Long Thistle LL 3001, fine tipped scissors (like Cutterbee), Mercart Basic Metals Tool Set, Die Cut Machine (I used Cuttlebug) with soft embossing mat, sanding block, Big Bite, heat gun, Versamark, a stencil brush and any color of ink.
MATERIALS: One piece of chipboard and two pieces of Double Sided Adhesive Paper all about 3"x3", two pieces of black coated aluminum (Mercart) about 3"x3" each, one piece adhesive backed aluminum (Lifestyle Crafts or Ranger) about 3"x3", one pin back finding, three small siver brads, Mercart Backing Paste, UTEE, Versamark, a good white glue (I used Art Glitter Institute) and glitter. I used Art Glitter in the following colors: Microfine Opaque 514 Bavarian Forest, Ultrafine Transparent 94 Key Lime, Vintage Glass Glitter 902 Kryptonite and Dazzlers D40 Green Vibe.
1) To save time, I ran both stencils through the Cuttlebug with my soft embossing mat and the black coated aluminum.
2) Once I had the embossed metal, I enhanced the embossing with my Mercart metal tool kit until it looked exactly the way I wanted it. Then, I filled the back with Mercart Backing Paste and let it dry while I did the next steps.
3) Use the cameo stencil with the stencil brush and ink, inking the design on chipboard, Double Sided Adhesive Paper, and the paper side of the adhesive backed aluminum.
4) Cut around the outside of the inked design on the chipboard, one piece of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper and the adhesive backed aluminum. Cut around the oval inside on the other piece of Double Sided Adhesive Paper.
5) Attach the adhesive backed metal on the back of the chipboard.
6) Decide on where the pin back should go on the back of the chipboard, mark the spots, and use the Big Bite to make small holes for the brads. Attach the pin back with the brads. The top of the pin should look like it does in the picture above.
7) Remove one side of the paper from the smaller piece of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper to reveal the sticky backing. Coat this with one layer of Art Glitter Microfine 514 Bavarian Forest. Rub it in well with your finger to burnish. I like the look of the Microfine on the bottom layer. This layer shows through the others in the end, and the Microfine looks more like the base of a gemstone than most glitter. You can use a different color of green if you want a different look. (You can use any color you want as long as you coordinate all of the glitter.)
8) Cover the glitter with Versamark. Then, cover this with UTEE (I have also used a regular clear embossing powder, but the UTEE builds up the "stone" faster.) Heat until melted AND while still warm sprinkle with a little bit of the Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 94 Key Lime Glitter. (Once again, you can choose another color, but make it transparent).
9) Another layer of Versamark and then UTEE. This time, while it is still warm add the Vintage Glass Glitter in 902 Kryptonite. I use the Vintage Glass Glitter because it won't melt and change color. It is good to have a little "flash" of the main color.
10) More Versamark and UTEE. This time, add the Dazzlers and pour on more UTEE right away. While this is heating, the Dazzlers will melt, changing the shape and color and adding an extra "flash" to the stone.
11) Last layer of Versamark and UTEE. You and sprinkle just a little of the transparent glitter and whatever little leftovers you have brushed off while heating. Just make sure that this level is pretty smooth.
12) Sand the metal pieces well, revealing lots of the silver aluminum. Then, cut the center oval out of the cameo and cut closely around the thistle.
13)Place the second piece of Double Sided Adhesive Paper on the top of the pin base.
14) Remove the backing from your "stone" and place on the pin.
15) Put the metal frame on top of the "stone" and push it down on the adhesive paper on the edges. Use the scissors or a metal tool to press up against the scalloping on the edges. It should look like the picture on the left.
16) Put a small amount of glue on the back of the thistle and let it dry for a few moments until it is really tacky.
17) Position the thistle on top of the pin.
18) Trim around the excess metal. Sand any edges that are sharp.
You are done! I promise it isn't that hard to do. Do you know what else isn't hard? I mean, really not hard? Entering the Dreamweaver Challenge. I strongly suggest that everyone give it a try. All you have to do is make something St. Patrick's Day or green (the color or the movement), then put it somewhere online (everybody uploads stuff anyway). Then, just link it to the Mr. Linky on the Dreamweaver Stencil blog. If you do before the end of February, you could win two gorgeous stencils and join in on the fun! Give it a try and I promise you won't be sorry. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out the other team member blogs (listed on the side of mine). Get inspired and I will see you next week, when we will reveal the next challenge. Until then, here is one more view of the pin. I hope you can see the flashes of color in this picture. Have a good week!


  1. Amazing project, as is its designer, and well worth the wait. Though I might have to disagree with you on the "not too difficult" part! It's so beautiful ... what more can I say.

  2. I agree with Liz. Totally worth the wait. What an awesome project!!!

  3. This is amazing! Love the sparkly stone effect. Looks like an heirloom piece. Since Lynell and I are up in Skipton now, we are really appreciating the thistle!

  4. ImpressiveI I am going to come back and re-read this when my brain is functioning better.

  5. I am speechless! This is totally amazing!

  6. This is beautiful!

    I have an award for you ... reply on my blog if you accept.

  7. I too love this project Laura. Well done!