Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Scottish Influence

Alright, so I know that the challenge this month is actually St. Patrick's Day, but I felt that it would be a great time to give a shout out to the Scots, with the beautiful Long Thistle Stencil LL 3001. Of course, I DID use green, and since that is another option in the challenge, it counts! That's can use something green for your challenge post as well. Anything green. Then, you should link it over to the Dreamweaver Blog for your chance to win these stencils.

But I digress. Back to this week's post. I made this card with a wonderful group of women at Altered Art Addicts in Jackson, MI last weekend. Here is how it's done:
1) Paste the stencil LL 3001 using Green Glossy Embossing Paste on cream colored linen.
2) Let paste dry
3) Gently apply wet glue with a regular paintbrush. The glue should be about the consistency of milk. I used watered down Art Glitter Dries Clear Glue.
4) Let the glue dry until it is tacky and clear. There should not be any "pools" of glue.
5) Apply Metallic FX in Plum Royale, Purple Satin, Kiwi and Ivy Garden. Use this technique: dip a stencil brush into the pot of Metallic FX. Tap it lightly on a piece of paper towel to remove any excess. Then, tap the color into place on the paste.
Don't forget that you can always use a Picasso stencil to mask out areas if you want a precision look with exact shading of the different colors.
That's it. Just five steps! Me? Yep. I love the colors and shine of the Metallic FX. Sometimes less is, indeed, more. But don't quote me on that!
So, are you inspired yet? If not, go check out the rest of the Dreamweaver Team sites. They are listed to the left of this post. Then, get inspired, make a little something St. Patrick's Day, or just green. Post it anywhere online. (I think you can even do Flickr if you don't have a blog). Then, link it with the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the Dreamweaver Stencils blog. As simple as that, and you could win the beautiful, springy stencils above. (I don't even have those two, and I am really digging on that Long Lily one.)
Come play with us and have some fun. By the way, I am feeling a little inspired myself today. I am thinking that you might find something REALLY different here next week, if I have a little time to work on it..... See you next week!


  1. It's beautiful, Laura. The colors are rich and elegant and the lightly raveled edge is perfect for the thistle. I think I need this stencil.

  2. And why shouldn't we Scots get a mention, we have a very green country thanks to the rain! Lovely card Laura.

  3. This is beautiful with the texture of the linen and the shimmer of the F/X! I think this one needs to go on the FB page today!

  4. LOVE this my friend! Love the linen, love the Metalic FX. You just keep on doing cool stuff! yay

  5. Laura...this is a wonderful card! It is amazing how the paste has taken on the texture of the linen fabric!

  6. Love the look of the paste on the linen! Very beautiful.

  7. I agree....I love the linen texture with the paste. It makes an incredible finish to the image. Thank you for the idea!! Did you use a specific linen fabric? Cotton, Poly?

  8. Oh Laura!! What a fabulous creation!!! Just beautiful!!!!! Great idea, pasting on linen!!! I have some of that. I am digging it out tomorrow!!!

  9. This is just stunning Laura! Love the effect of the embossing on the linen :)

  10. This is so pretty! I never would have thought to do stenciling on fabric! Will have to give it a try!