Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sketch Challenge

So, it is sketch week again. These are always a little bit of a challenge for me, because they cause me to think of a card in a very different way. Of course, all of the challenges are creativity expanding, because they are made to get you out of the proverbial "box". It somehow seems easier for me to do the other challenges than the sketches though. This sketch, however, was a little easier for me. It is actually a format that I use quite often. (At least a modified version of it.) In this case, I chose to highlight a couple of the new Dreamweaver Christmas stencils, Joseph and Mary LL 3019 and Prince of Peace LX 7004. (I used just the bottom line of this last one.)

Both of the stencils used the Double Glitter Technique. First, I soaped the back of the stencil with the Dreamweaver Soap. (The soap acts as a release agent so that the stencil doesn't bend when you take the adhesive paper off of it.) I brushed off all the little "crumblies" with a large Dreamweaver Stencil Brush. Then, I attched the stencil to the Double Sided Mounting Paper. I used the Microfine Art Glitter in gold, to get into all of the little details. Because it is Microfine, I used my finger to rub it in well. After I was sure that it was all rubbed down, I used the large Dreamweaver Stencil Brush to brush off ALL the excess glitter. When I thought it was done, I brushed it again. I then placed the whole thing stencil side down and very carefully peeled the adhesive paper off of the stencil. I "walked" my fingers along the plain stencil as I peeled off this paper. This keeps it down and unbent. I then poured Crystal Art Glitter over the top of the paper.

This project was simple and fun! The rest of it was even easier, as I just had to assemble the card.

It has been great this week. Check out everyone else's interpretation of this sketch. You should play along with us. If you get a chance, go link to the Dreamweaver Blog so that we can see what you have been up to.
Until next week--stay inspired!


  1. Hey Laura...we chose the same stencils this week. Beautious!!!

  2. Great sparkle as usual! Love the blues with it!

  3. You're so right about your statement "When I thought it was done, I brushed it again." Good advice for even the most seasoned glitterers. The microfine glitter gives a rich, burnished look to the image. Beautiful!

  4. Awesome Laura! Seems as though a few people are starting to get ready for Christmas and I'm not even finished with Halloween and Thanksgiving cards!

  5. Nice card, I am really liking the double glitter technique. But then you have always been good at that!

  6. I use the same line in all my classes "just when you think you have enough, soap it some more" hehe

    This is beautiful and I love how you just used the bottom of Isaiah 9:6

    I hope you are well my friend!! Your in my thoughts often!!

  7. well, you know me, love the glitter. Love these stencils too. Sorry I have not been a better friend lately...we need to talk soon! hugs