Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dreamweaver Free Week--A Masculine Confirmation Card

I have to admit, I know that my projects are generally of the "not for the faint of heart" variety. I just like to push the products and techniques a little further than I think they would go. I assure you, however, that this week's project is EASY. I promise.
When Lynell asked me to use the Gothic Cross LG 694, I thought about how my nephew is having his Confirmation this October. This cross isn't particularly masculine, but I knew that with the right color combination I could make it appropriate for a teenage boy. I also chose to use the recently discontinued Bless You (which your LSS can still get if you want it) and the brand new Herringbone Pattern Stencil LJ 914.
Okay, here are those easy directions:

1) Use Core'dinations dark blue with a blue core through your die cut machine with the Herringbone LJ 914 stencil. Be sure to spray the back of the paper with rubbing alcohol before running it through. Sand the result--making it look a little like fabric.

2) Place a light gold coated aluminum on the back of the Bless You stencil. Using the Mercart teflon point tool to lightly push in the metal from the back of the stencil. Push all around the edges of the words.

3) Remove the stencil and flip the metal. Clean up your edges by rubbing the Mercart teflon deer foot tool (opposite side of the other tool) up against the edges of the words.

4) Flip the metal back over and place it on a piece of suede. You are working on the back side. Use the Mercart ball tool to push out the letters. Also, while on the suede, roll over the edges of the metal with a Mercart texture wheel. Flip it back and clean up with the deer foot tool on a hard surface. Fill in the back of the metal with Mercart Filler. Let dry.

5) To Deboss the cross, use a darker gold covered aluminum. Place it on top of a face up stencil LG 694. Using the fine end of the teflon tool, press into all the lines. Sand to get a silver cross. Cut out

6) Assemble the card.

See, simple, right? If you haven't tried the metals, I do have one warning: they are SUPER addictive. If your local store doesn't carry them and is concerned about minimums with a new company, let them know that they can order them directly from Dreamweaver with their next stencil order. If they are still reluctant, you can order these tools and metals yourself from the Mercart website. All the tools I used here are in the basic kit. I have news though, about that addiction. I am absolutely planning on ordering more tools and metals myself. I have Christmas projects in mind....
That said, thanks for stopping by. Check out the rest of the Dream Team Blogs. Leave a comment. Link a project of yours to the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog--we would love to see it.


  1. This is unbelievable Laura! So much detail and done so beautifully! I can't think of anything more to say than WOW!!!

  2. It's metal week! Lovely card Laura and I admire the work you put into it!

  3. We should call this "metal embossing" week instead of free week! This turned out so beautiful, your nephew will love it!

  4. what can i say...metal is the bomb! Great job my dear friend. Love that cross!

  5. Perfect match of metal and herringbone and just right for a boy's confirmation. I especially liked your reference to projects geared to the "not for the faint of heart." Great inspiration!

  6. This is a fabulous card for your nephew! Wow. Love all the detail, the background, colors, and your wonderful directions.

  7. Fabulous job Laura!!! I love that cross and have used it for many cards that have reached my friends and family.

    I hope you are well!!!