Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dreamweaver Free Week--My CHA Badge

Three years ago, the store that I work at was about to open its doors. Sadly, it is about to close, exactly three years from its opening date. I will never forget all the buzz that was generated by my new bosses, fresh off of their first CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Conference). They were back with stories about fantastic new products, exciting ideas and enthusiasm to spare. I remember how they hung the badge holders that they had recieved from Crafters' Home over their respective desks. To me, those badge holders represented excitement. Indeed, ever since my first CHA, I had been thinking about making myself a badge holder. Once I became part of the Dreamweaver Design Team, I knew exactly what I would make it out of.It took me some time to decide which techniques to use on my Dreamweaver CHA Badge holder. I wound up with four different materials and five different techniques.First, I sprayed a 5 1/2" x 10" piece of Claudine Helmuth Sticky Backed Canvas with Adirondack Color Wash in Stream. I let that dry before I pasted, starting about about 1" down from the top with Translucent Paste and the LJ 901 Mosaic Swirls stencil. After that dried, I used a little bit of Black Soot Distress inks around the sides of the paste. When that was dry, I cut a roughly 3 3/4" by 2 3/4" square from the center of the pasting.
In case you are interested in the assembly, I lined the inside with a cotton fabric placed on the sticky backed canvas, leaving about 1/2" on each side to stick to the edging of the back piece. I evenly spaced five eyelets under the pasted portion. Then, I folded the back up so that the edges met the edges of the top, sticking the front to the back, and making the pouch with an approximate 1" flap on the front top portion. I then ran the LJ 901 stencil with Lifestyle Crafts Sticky Backed Metal through my Cuttlebug, colored it with Alcohol Inks and sanded it. I put it on the back side of the pouch to reinforce it a little. I used bias tape and a really horrible hand stitching to encase the raw, stuck together edges. Then, I inserted two eyelets on the top.

The beading was created with blue wire and some beads. I also created a couple of charms. They were made with Dreamweaver Stencils LS6 Scallop and LS 71 Small Conch. I put a little vegetable oil on the back of the stencils and pressed them lightly into flattened dark blue polymer clay. Then, they were rolled down with a brayer until the clay extended just a little over the stencil. I dipped my finger in Moonstone Metallic FX and lightly rubbed it into the clay with the stencil still in place. Then, I added just a little shading with my finger and the Metallic FX in Cocoa. Lastly, I peeled the clay from the stencil, trimmed and gently shaped it with my finger, added two holes, and baked it according to the instructions on the label.

The metal pieces were really interesting. They were made in two similar, but different ways: metal embossing and debossing. The seahorse LM 181 (in pink covered aluminum) and the turtle LM 179 (in green aluminum) were embossed with the Mercart Metal Embossing kit. Using the same kit and brown coated aluminum, I debossed the sand dollar LR 12. The difference lies in where you hold the stencil and the relative placement of the metal. For the embossing, I placed the stencil face down on my table and put the metal over the top of it, pushing it into the holes on the stencil. Then, I removed the stencil, flipped over the image and sanded it lightly. For the debossing, I laid my stencil face up, and put my metal over the top, pushing into the crevices. Then, I "poufed" up the metal around the outside and sanded it. The metal colors show in the portion that is the furthest back. All three of the metal pieces were filled in the back with the Mercart filler.

Now, on to the fun Shrink Plastic Charms. I used the matte finish Shrinky Dinks. I sanded the area that I was planning to use. Then, I covered it with Adirondack Snow Cap Pigment Ink. When it dried, I taped the stencils LM 181 Seahorse, LM 179 Sea Turtle, LR 12 Sand Dollar, LL 371 Humu Humu and LL 372 Kihi Kihi down and, using Adorondack Pigment ink, I colored the images. I cut around the outside of them and punched holes in the top with the largest hole punch on my Big Bite. Finally, I shrunk them with my Heat It tool.
I had so much fun creating this badge holder, and even more fun wearing it at CHA. I wanted to show it to everyone this week to bring my excitement from CHA to you, just the way my bosses did three years ago. I also wanted to show you something that wasn't a card. I realize that you may never make or need a badge holder, but Dreamweaver Stencils can be used to create anything. I hope you get inspired by what I did, or by what a team mate has done. If you do, leave a comment. Then create something and link it to the Dreamweaver Blog. We would love to see it. Inspire us!


  1. They are closing? I have not heard this yet! So sad.

    I L*O*V*E your badge holder! And of "yes!" you need a badge holder!!!

  2. If there was a contest for the best dressed badge at CHA you would have won, no doubt about it. And thanks, too for the detailed instructions. Great job! Sorry, too, to hear about the store closing. It's a sad sign of the times.

  3. Laura, this was a wonderful badge holder that you made at CHA and it was so cool to see it up close and personal. Thank you too for the cameo brooch that you made with our new design too. I showed it to Wayne when I got home and he was equally impressed. Cool stuff...keep it up girl!

  4. so so so Amazing! You are to fabulous and soooo talented!

  5. I just love all the little shrink charms that you created on this. Lots of beading work, too. You just had too much fun on this, didn't you?

  6. Laura.. this is the coolest badge holder. It's beachy and fun this California girl loves every thing about it, great instructions too.

  7. Oh my goodness.......This is stinkin' fabulous! Laura...I am uber impressed. I bet it was amazing in person!!!
    I hope you are well my friend!

  8. This was awesome! I got to see it in person at the show, everyone who saw it was amazed! Great job.